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  1. A

    Question  RGB lighting in XBOX 360 console

    Hi all, I was wondering how would I go about installing one of those RGB Bluetooth/Smart Phone LED boxes and how could I get it to work with the RF board. I am not sure if you can get RGB SMD LEDS for the rf board either or if it would work at all. Just like in this video: I think I...
  2. Mobfather Repair

    Question  Slow changing internal RGB LEDs

    Hello everyone, I am interested in installing some RGB LEDs into a phat console. I have already done this but limited to one solid color. I would like to set it up to where the LEDs will slowly cycle without the original controller. If anyone has any ideas or knows how to do this please tell...
  3. IsaakSirko

    Solved  How do I get the RGB code of an old crew color?

    Dear Sinners, I have a Vagner with a very bright "pinkish red" old crew color. Realy a very bright and shiny color, only the thing is I don't know the RGB or Hex code of this color. Can anyone help me get the exact code of this color back? Btw, the smoke color is another color as the crew...
  4. XeXRainnn

    XeXRainnn's Money/RP/Modded Cars Lobby!

    Rules 1. Do not kill. 2. Do not spam my messages. 3. Do not park close to the Money drop. 4. Do not invite other people. 5. No kinect mics. 6. Do not comment your gamertag below. 7. If you have a mic, do not scream into it. 8. Do not ask me to give you mods on any other games. 9. Do not call...
  5. abdellah2004

    Solved  error on tv rgh don't want to boot !!need help

    Hello i have an xbox 360 rgh yesterday i put an update since the xbox no longer shows up on the tv though i hear the beep at boot that do urgent (I tried on 2 tv With 2 hdmi cable and cable with red white...
  6. A

    Solved  Rgh Trinity Uncommon issue Need Help!

    This morning I went to boot my console up however I noticed the screen resolution was way lower than usual, and the display was also confined to the middle portion of the screen. Anyone have any idea how to fix and prevent?
  7. soadfan

    Discussion  Unique HEX Paint Jobs for 3D colored cars

    I am starting this thread to gather some information and help people find a decent color for 3d cars. I have seen a bunch of similar threads, but unfortunately they all are dead by now. I want you to start sharing unique / nice looking hex colors with a picture of how does it look on a car...
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