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  1. Token

    News  GameSir G7 SE Xbox Controller Review - Honest Review + Xmas Giveaway

    Embarking on a gaming adventure with the GameSir G7 SE Xbox Controller has been nothing short of a revelation for me. As someone deeply immersed in the gaming world, the G7 SE has become more than just a controller; it's an extension of my gaming persona, elevating every moment spent in the...


    Full breakdown at end of video, circling flashbang right before contact with my face. 1/10,000 chance at least. probably bigger odds. Using several mods in the video if you don't recognize a gun :>
  3. DLC Coming to a Theater Near You

    DLC Coming to a Theater Near You

    Hello, everyone. It's me, Casp, your third-favorite writer from very early 2016. Wait, who are you calling washed-up? You want to fight about it? I'll have you know that I still have my aluminum baseball bat from Little League and I'm not afraid to use it. Actually, I wouldn't be too...
  4. Call of Duty: WWII Review

    Call of Duty: WWII Review

    For the past few years Call of Duty has focused on being a futuristic game, with jet packs and exo-suits, but this year they did something different, they went back to their roots and listened to the people that actually buy the game. By doing so, this game breathes some much-needed fresh air...
  5. The Observer Review

    The Observer Review

    What would happen if you were to throw the horror aspects of SOMA, the visual beauty of Mirror's Edge, the cyberpunk aspect of the movie Ghost In The Shell, and twists of The Matrix? Well, what you would taste might pleasantly surprise you. I can tell you personally that it tastes very good! The...
  6. shiladitya

    Guy's check this out :

  7. Worldofpossible

    All  Why Watchdogs 2 was one of the most disappointing games of 2016!

    [video] Watchdogs 2 disappointed me in many ways but what shocks me is how much hate Watchdogs 1 gets. Personally, I loved Watchdogs 1 more than Watchdogs 2 and remember things dare I say it better there. Anyway, these were my thoughts on it and why it wasn't as good as Watchdogs 1 in my...
  8. Y

    Video  Possible Best Build For PVP and Dark Zone Fund Gain?

    Hey guys here is my current Dark Zone build! Let me know what you think of it!
  9. Worldofpossible

    All  Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel Epic Fail! Angry Rant!

    [Video] Well that was not expected. I was expecting something extraordinary. This and one more dlc is allow we will have left of Dark Souls and yet this dlc feels like B team got grabbie little hands on it. Short as hell, the bosses are alright but still pretty dull fights. The weapons are...
  10. Researching The Cure - Sky Break Review

    Researching The Cure - Sky Break Review

    A review on the new indie game Sky Break in which you play as a researcher looking for a cure but unfortunately some mechs get in your way.
  11. GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals, the Next Level or a New Low?

    GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals, the Next Level or a New Low?

    'Executives and Other Criminals brings new ways to make crime pay in GTA Online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC - offering players the chance to run their own criminal organizations, hire and fire other players, and face off against rival operations across Freemode. Los Santos living also...
  12. GooseAlwaysDies


    To me it's the perfect game. No other game has compared to how brilliant this game is in over 5 years. The hype lived up to the expectation, and I wanted to give my review of this beautiful game. Let me know what you guys think of this game.
  13. Grinding Through The Gears

    Grinding Through The Gears

    If you know Gears of War, then you know the Locust Horde and the soldiers of the COG are both intimidating forces not to be reckoned with. Their violent story has become the cornerstone to the Xbox platform since it was originally conceived. In addition to the groundbreaking graphics...
  14. GooseAlwaysDies

    Video  Destiny - The Taken King - Review/First Impression

    Happy Wednesday everybody, so after grinding out all day yesterday on Destiny, I decided it was time for me to upload a review/first impressions video of The Taken King expansion. Feel free to let me know what all of you think about it if you've played it!
  15. Somic G95PRO Gaming Headset Review

    Somic G95PRO Gaming Headset Review

    Before using this headset, I was already extremely impressed with the visual aspects of it. Not just the headset itself, but it's packaging and accessories were really appealing to me. The Somic G95PRO comes in a nicely designed box with all of the accessories needed for it. However, this isn't...
  16. Rocket League Review

    Rocket League Review

    I’m going to be honest with you guys, when I first heard about Rocket League, I thought it sounded pretty stupid. Seriously, rocket-propelled car soccer sounded pretty insane, and even though I enjoy silly things as much as the next guy, it sounded like a bit too much for me. After having the...
  17. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Retrospective

    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Retrospective

    So, I’ve got to be honest with you guys; I’ve never really been that big of a Kirby fan. The series is slightly older than I am, but I never really had the chance to play one until recently, this year in fact, and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been missing out. The Crystal Shards is a...
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