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rev c

  1. turdbundy

    Solved  Coolrunner Rev C Bridging CAP for Jaspers. Is there a Matrix v1 Equivalent?

    I know this is a very confusing title. I've recently switched from using rev Cs to the Matrix Glitcher. The Muffin install for Coronas / Trinitys have been the bees knees and Rgh 1.2 is working on falcons as it should. However, On japsers when I'd get a slow boot time for an RGH 1.2 bridging the...
  2. Jamdoogen

    Solved  Rev C/D refusing to Program

    Hello, Every time I try to program my cool runner rev c with my JR Programmer V2, it refuses to. Below is a picture of my wiring and error within JRunner Anyone have any advice on what I should do? I've tried to unplug it, re plug a lot of times and still no luck. It still threw...
  3. R

    Solved  RGH/Jtag Coolrunner?

    So i had a thread (link)for this archived cause I guess it went unused for too long, but I still need some help. I was told I'll need to use a Cool runner Rev C and the JR programmer v2. Using the TeamXecuter trusted sites list, I found a couple JR programmers, but absolutely no one has any...
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