1. P

    Unsolved  lost retail nand

    i lost my retail nand, but i have another xbox retail. can i flash that retail nand on my current console?
  2. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  How to remove failed rgh and return to retail

    How I can un-rgh my xbox (falcon), i failed to rgh it and now it has a green flashing light, i have the original nand dump files titled nanddump 1 and 2, i lost the jr programmer and only have Nand-X. What can I do? thanks
  3. X

    Unsolved  Restoring RGH back to retail using SW methods (Xell), non-noob

    Hello, TL;DR I want to revert the recently bought console from RGH to stock purely via Xell, no soldering. Want to know if the path I chose is viable. I recently bought Xbox 360 slim (Corona I think), which was RGH modded previously, using CoolRunner RevB chip. I want to revert it back to...
  4. P

    Unsolved  PS3 Debug into Retail?

    Hi all, new here! I have a PS3 DEX console (DECHA00A) on OFW DEX Firmware 3.50. I've seen a lot of tutorials about converting RETAIL units from CEX to DEX and then back again using REBUG toolbox but I've found nothing regarding a real DEX unit. Is there any way to convert it to use CEX OFW...
  5. BenJGrimm

    Solved  Retail 4GB Corona wont update dash - Error

    So it is a 4GB Corona and just recently picked up Element18592's SD card tool as the TX one did not work, has been sitting for a year or 2 and finally have some time to get this thing back together, I continue to receive this error message via network & USB. My thought is to RGH on its...
  6. GgC Cyclops

    Unsolved  well RIP Profile lol

    So I ****ed around on my retail profile and got it perma banned, wasn't really thinking about it but is there a way around that ban?
  7. M

    Solved  JTAG / RGH TOPIC | MY RETAIL GOT BANNED | Please p

    Please don't get me wrong but I've been reading forums where people convince other people that their retail could never get banned when you use same router / network on your retail and RGH to play, which is **** up. Well.. what makes sense to me is that you shouldn't be connected in same...
  8. x86

    Solved  Just a few questions about dual nanding with an xecuter demon

    1. Do I need to reflash my r-jtag 360 (has CR4) with the retail nand before installing the demon (to avoid console ban) or does it not matter? 2. How can I create a retail hdd with my hacked 360 to use on xbox live with a retail nand on the demon? Or do I need to buy a preowned official 360...
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