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  1. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Removing CFW From PS3 Slim

    I'd like to remove my DEX 4.82 cfw from my PS3 slim. Wipe the hard drive (ive only got 2 PS3 games and 4-5 PS1 games). I would like to do this to just start completely fresh and upgrade to OFW 4.84. When i got this PS3 back in like February the first thing i did was install CFW without even...
  2. peanutismint

    Solved  Copy game backups from old hard drive to new one??

    I had a 120GB HDD in my modded Xbox 360 but quickly ran out of space, so I followed a guide to replace it with a 500GB drive and have got xexmenu/Aurora running again. Now i just need to restore all the games from my old hard disk to the new one, which I thought would be as easy as connecting...
  3. Harmonic

    1. Windows
    Restore MBR backup to GPT

    Long story short, I've backed up my PC using the Windows Backup and Restore feature, would I be able to restore this backup to a GPT disk if I backed it up on an MBR disk?
  4. Mercenaryx

    Solved  Spare Some Item Code Help For An Unfortunate Situation

    So my ps3 hard drive got wiped and I had a LOT on there. I would gladly trade it all if I could just get back my BL save data... most importantly my pre-sequel data. Alas, there is no way to do that. (Ironically this happened just as I was attempting to do a backup) Anywho, I do have video...
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