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  1. X

    Discussion  GPU and CPU revision info colation

    Greetings, my first post here so sorry if this is the wrong section. I am getting interested in 360 mods and repair by swapping the BGA GPU and CPU chips. I’m experienced in other console mods and have some BGA rework equipment on the way so I’ve been reading around a lot at what’s possible...
  2. AironCriminal


    hello guys first I say that I do not want to give any merit with this. I just do it for helping the community in what I can- The issue of corrupt activities that do not appear is solved as follows: Steps: 1º Go to marked activities, options, online, play activity, marked, and one by one all...
  3. mountaindew117

    Solved  Looking for repair and modding service

    Hello all. I'm currently in the markert to get my Xbox 360 slim repaired and modded. Repair wise my touch sensor on my console has stopped working and will no longer power on, I have tried myself to install a new cable but the unit still will not power up. Repair wise thats all the console...
  4. D


    I was recently trying to RGH another xbox. Installed the wiring properly and was ready to write the xell image to the console to get the cpu key. But, when I tried to create an ecc image it gave me an error writing the header. I looked it up and people said that it is due to not having the...
  5. User7834

    Question  How do i make a Vita Memory Card USB adaptor?

    I have an official Sony PS Vita 64gb Pro Dou M2 Memory whatever the name is for these things. But the problem is that it has failed on me. I had a lot of games installed on this memory card and now the Vita does not detect it and recovery mode is unable to format it. I tried another Vita same...
  6. Csyzr

    Solved  Ace v3 Corona v4 no Xell Lost NAND

    Corona v4 4GB NAND with Post fix v2 adapter and SD Tool V2.2 - Alternate C5R11 'D' point due to lifted pad on R4P4 I lost my original NAND and Im trying to boot xell so I can get my CPU key and continue from there to rebuild my NAND. I've borrowed a public cpu key for corona and built a fake...
  7. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Damaged component HELP!

    Short Story: C1D2 what does it do? And how to replace it. Long Story: Was uninstalling nand x wires and was cleaning up. Though there was a bit of loose solder in the flux. And low and behold it is C1D2. The point is in between the south bridge and nand points.
  8. Silly Sock

    Discussion  Broken MSI Ge60 Motherboard Advice Please

    Hello all. I was given an old laptop motherboard that contains an Intel I7 processor and a GTX850 Graphics card. The only problem is that it doesn't turn on, at all. I'd like to get it running again in one way or another. I'm not worried about connecting the original displays / keyboard or case...
  9. kmssd

    Question  Replaced Thumbstick Module, Won't Power On Normally.

    I replaced the left thumbstick module the other day and somehow in the process something screwed up. The controller won't power on with batteries or the rechargeable pack. However with batteries in I plug the USB from the Xbox (with it on) the controller will turn on and work. I looked for...
  10. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Xbox One Disc Drive Replacement

    I am looking to return to Xbox one but, I don't want to pay $200+. I have found one on eBay but it has a broken disc drive. Is it like the Xbox 360 where you can swap the PCB?
  11. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Replacing a Completly Broken Disc Drive.

    Hello everyone I bought Trinity Xbox 360 and the disc drive is stuck open. What I know a gear is missing in the drive. It is a Lite-On drive. I plan to rgh this console myself in the future.
  12. D

    Question  Xbox One Elite controller Drifting issue

    So this is actually the second time on an elite controller i experienced stick drift, and the first time i attempted repairs. Swapped the thumbstick with two brand new parts and each one drifted in one direction or the other. The way I solved it the first time? I bought a new controller. This...
  13. PXP

    Tutorial  PS4 APU Swapping

    1st PS4 (CUH 1100) suffers from a Shorted Board. No Power even changing most Capacitors, Mosfets and Fuses. 2nd PS4 (CUH 1000) Not reading any PS4 Games..Bluray Logic board might be lost (Unmatch) Both deemed useless so I decided to swap the APU+Flash Memory+Syscon Chip from the dead Board...
  14. D

    Question  Xbox One Pulsating Light

    I got an Xbox One that when powered on all it does is the light will pulsate. I can also see that the fan is slowing down and will speed back up, its acting like the console is shutting off. Looks like it was likely shut off during an update or something and has gotten corrupted... When I unhook...
  15. J

    Solved  Trying to Repair some 360's. Looking for methods of Reflowing the Solder on chips.

    I have 3 360's that are all rrod, (and 1 I shorted the DVD drive to back when I was a kid). 2 Of them have error 0102, the other one Had 0110 but has 0022 now (After I opened it attempted to find the problem, found nothing but used compressed air to clean out the massive amount of dust. Put it...
  16. C

    Question  Looking for PS4 with old software sytem

    Hey there se7ensin lurkers! I work at an electronics repair shop usually doing cellphone and tablet repair, but i do get occasional request to do odd jobs. Let me explain this certain odd job that came in recently. >Customer come in with ps4 HDD, says he transferred his files to a new 2 tb HDD...
  17. DiabloBah

    Question  CD Disk Pulling Apart?

    So, I've been playing a ton of Original Xbox games rather than my PC recently. But I bought a game recently and I'm wondering if someone could give me some insight. So I placed the disk into the Disk Drive, and I get a read error, but this is the ONLY disk to bring the error up in my whole game...
  18. zastin17

    Solved  Xbox Only turns on with eject button and powers off by itself!

    So I found a original xbox from goodwill for $4 and I could not resist even if it was broken. I powered it up and noticed it would only power on with the eject button and it would turn off after a few seconds. I did get a picture on the tv though when it was on. I opened it and looked for bad...
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