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    Solved Disable or remove VAC?

    Hi, is there a way to disable VAC or prevent myself from being able to connect to secured servers? So to give some backstory before I begin I was VAC banned from Dying Light about a year ago for using the Dev/Debug Menu that was released at the time for the game. I had just been given it, used...
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    Patched Glitched cars from Bennys merge (Backless coquette, no turret insurgent, etc.)

    Hey all, If you didn't know, Benny's merge glitches can also be used to add or remove unobtainable options from certain cars. The process is similar to livery merging with the Hotring Sabre for those familiar with that. "Recipes" for specific cars can be found below. They are sorted by the...
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV Update Removes a Long List of Songs

    Grand Theft Auto IV Update Removes a Long List of Songs

    As foretold earlier this month, an update for Grand Theft Auto 4 released this week drastically changed the game’s licensed soundtrack, as licenses for songs expire alongside the game’s 10-year anniversary. And as expected, one of the game’s radio stations, the Russian and Ukranian music...
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    Tutorial Windows How to ditch Internet Explorer and remove it on Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1/ and possibly 10

    Let's say you now have a favorite browser. Whether it be, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or even the obsolete Netscape, you want to keep that browser and remove Internet Explorer. Note: This is my first time writing a tutorial on SE7ENSINS and hopefully I will improve if needed in the future. Pros...
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