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  1. bigshmoney Rick

    [Xbox] MW3/BO1/BO2 Remote Unlock All | Choose Your Stats | Fix Frozen Classes | Modded Classes

    SOSA'S MULTI-COD CLASS FIX AND UNLOCK ALL \\ LEAVE A VOUCH <3 ✅ MW3, BO1 & BO2 Supported ✅ 100% Remote Last updated 2/23/24: If you are suffering from frozen classes or just want unlock all, drop your Gamertag below and I will take care of it! Works with Xbox One/Xbox Series X+S! What you...
  2. LAlN

    Tutorial  How To Do Remote Recoveries BO1 / MW3 2019

    It has been brought to our attention that people are selling remote recovery tools on BO1 and MW3. XBOX360LSBEST gave me the ok to release this so here ya go. We don't like it being sold because people are literally selling just an XUID Spoofer and ripping people off. How To Do This: 1. Sign...
  3. N

    Solved  Xk3y remote battery is low

    As the title says I believe my xk3y remote's battery has drained and it barely shows any text on its screen. I have to lean into it to read the text and sometimes I have to guestimate what I am clicking on. I have not had my xbox 360 and xk3y plugged in since 2014 and it must be the cause of it...
  4. dfaultd


    Im not a modder but everytime i go onto my account then go into a game it does a loop where it loads my classes then black screens i need help from a modder to either derank me and ill go get my stuff my self or they can rank me up for me my gt is MaurlsNannnnnnn (7 ns) Thankyou for ur time :)
  5. jamesgarretttt

    Question  Best Remote Recovery Tool? OPINIONS PLZZZ

    hey guys, i have been trying countless times to do a remote recovery. i have been able to do a normal recovery using the AIO tool. I was recommended APP Net and i have purchased the license but whenever i spoof and then click xbox live the actual program freezes. still waiting on support to...
  6. Axx9844


    There are many tools you can use but I prefer BO2 Account Spoofer by XBOX360LSBEST and R34sMods Free Bo2 Tool. What you wana do is quit bo2-connect to their account-Launch bo2- do the recovery-play 2 games and get at least 10 kills in each-relaunch game make sure it saved-pet a cat(Optional)
  7. BlastsModz

    Remote Recovery Tool (Change anyone's stats)

    Hey guys, Blasts Mods here. So if you didn't know by now, I made it public on the 29th of May that I can change peoples stats remotely. 17 days later, XBOX360lSBEST & OLDSCHOOLMODZ worked together and figured it out. I'm releasing my tool here for you guys to use, I'm hoping Activision push an...
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