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  1. Owens87

    Question  dlc region

    hello i had to re downloaded call of duty black ops 2 region free cause my files got corrupt from the last time i played it and the dlc's and game are from the same website but when i load up the game in either multiplayer or zombies it tells me (the content you are trying to load is from an...
  2. GeekFRA

    Gamesaves  [PS4] Search game save EU

    Hello, I search a game saves (any character), at level 50, with stuff legendary (in bag and bank). For region EU. I have "save wizard", for resign the save Waiting for your shares. Thank you all !!! (Sorry for my bad english (I'm french)).
  3. Karoleiro

    Solved  Can I change my account's region or country somehow at a different location, So I can play Poker?

    Hello friends :) Recently someone told me that I cannot play Poker on RDR2 Online, cause I live in Greece and in my country it is illegal (even with fake money LOL) I am trying like CRAZY to join poker online!! I posted a thread and someone answered me that if I change my country or region I...
  4. jamesgarretttt

    Solved  Black Ops 2 DLC Incorrect Region

    I am getting the error "The content you are trying to load is from an incorrect region. Please check that you have the correct downloadable content." Only one issue, ive had my console for over a year and have used the DLC numerous times. Havent changed anything. I have gone the route of using...
  5. GrayRat

    Discussion  Region Lock in PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds

    Region locking is a topic in the gaming world that has the community divided. Some want it, while others want to work around it. Region locks are placed in games so theat people from the same region can only play with each other, hence getting better ping in matches. But players complain that...
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