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  1. ElHaveCito

    Working  Red Dead Online Xp And Money Glitch / Private Lobby For Rdr and GtaV

    Hi, this is my tutorial to make xp and money in rdr in pc and consoles. The method is like this ill resume because is all explained inside video: 1-Go to area. 2-Join again to free roam ro make respawn point. 3-Make private lobby (optional, better to stay chill) 4-Take all collectibles. 5-Pc...
  2. E

    Working  *NEW* Red Dead Redemption 2 Cougar Dupe Method After Patch!! Carcass Duplication Glitch

    Hey se7ensins, Back with another dupe glitch for rdr2 online. Cougar dupe is back on the scene :tongue: Here is a short video showing me and antioo25 doing the glitch I will be making a better voice tutorial later on. Just very tired as me and antioo have been working on this and other...
  3. I

    Discovery  Red Dead Redemption 2 - Get All Cigarettes Cards 100% For Free

    I just did a video detailing how to get all 144 cigarette cards fast and free (without buying them in a shop)! The idea is to reproduce a bug that makes cigarette packs reappear again and again. This is my very first Internet video! My English ain't perfect, but I hope you'll find the video...
  4. Frank

    Discussion  ♞Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide ♞

    Red Dead Redemption 2 I'll be adding to this every day I'm open to input by all means! So send me a message if so. :smile: This is just the start! Free Roam Online Right so before you do anything within the free roam online I'd like to suggest some tips Shooting from a stagecoach is important...
  5. Frank

    All  RDR2 Show us your Crack Shots

    This thread I will be posting my crack shots as well you can post any of yours This ranges from insane trick shots to pure marksman talent or anything that is impressive in general. I know this community is skilled don't let me down :wink::thumbsup:
  6. J

    Solved  Save editor - Red Dead Redemption 2

    Hi everybody! Anyone working on a usb save editor yet? Would be nice to have something like the GTA V one!
  7. Spooky New Game Is Available Free On Xbox Game Pass

    Spooky New Game Is Available Free On Xbox Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that grants Xbox One owners access to a large selection of games for a $10 monthly subscription fee. One of the killer features of the service is that you get to play Microsoft-published games like Forza Horizon 4 the day they come out. But it's not...
  8. peanutismint

    Solved  Anybody got a working trainer for Red Dead Redemption??

    I have Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 (TU-8 I think, standard edition not GOTY) and I have found a trainer for that version (~TeamXPG~ Red Dead Redemption +8 Trainer) but it doesn't seem to work... I can get the trainer menu up and even enable/disable the various cheats, but they don't...
  9. A

    Solved  Mod Request - Red Dead Redemption

    Hello everyone, pretty new to this site, so not sure if this is the place to post this, but it seemed like a good fit. Basically, I've been trying to mod RDR 1 for the X360 for quite some time, but with little success. I'm hoping it's possible for someone to create a mod that does one or more...
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