red ring of death

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    Unsolved Xbox 360 Jasper RROD (error code 0001)

    Hi everyone. It's me again. This time around, my Xbox 360 fat (Jasper/Kronos) just got RROD when I was transfering files over FTP. The hidden error code it shows is 0001, which is related to power supply problems, either from the PSU or the motherboard itself. From what I read is probably...
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    Solved Red Ring of death after updating trinity glitch 2

    So i was trying to update my trinity by xebuild i downloaded 360 nand flash did the flash on my usb went back on my computer updated it no errors i went back on and it restarted and i got the red ring of death i dont know why i did, i did everything correct but it gave me a red ring. when i hold...
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    Solved Cant Fix Bad Block in NAND

    So i tried to update to the latest Dashboard and was trying to Write my newly updated NAND to my Xbox after i did that my xbox said it detected a Bad Block after that i did my research how to fix it so i first Tried J-Runner to Move the Bad Block somewhere else but My xbox still detected the...
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    Solved With an Xbox 360 do the real RRODs have priority over AV cable.

    I am looking a xbox 360 console and it is just console and the power cord. I asked if it had RROD and I realized it has no AV cable. So, do all other red rings appear over the AV cable missing. As in General Hardware Failure will show on the RoL without the AV cable pugged in. Also side question...
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    Solved XBOX 360HELP ME HERE red dot error ventilation error

    Hello I have a Xbox 360 SLIM and I've had it for some years now ALOT and something strange is going on here So I have THE red dot thing that it says shutting down saying an error ventilation but here's the ridiculous thingy here THE AIR IS FREEZING NOT HOT ok it's not ice but it's basically...
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    Solved Xbox 360 Previously had RROD Error 0022. Seems to Be fine, But Unable to Install games.

    So my room-mate gave me a 360 that was rrod. (After quite a bit of tinkering and cleaning I got in moderately good working order, compare to what it was). All the errors its given are near the bottom of the post, along with what I attempted to do to get rid of them. I am unable to install Any...
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    Solved XBOX RGH ISSUES please help**

    I've been getting a E71 ring on my rgh not at boot but during gameplay. I updated my nand and image, deleted games and just refreshed everything, except for the plugins. SOOO can the plugins be causing this E71 ring?
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    Solved Need help with red ring E71 (READ DESCRIPTION)**

    I've done my research on this error but I can't find any fix for what's happening to me. my RGH console boots up great but gets a E71 error when I play games. This mostly happens to me on bo2, ill be playing a couple of games online with a mod menu but after sometime my rgh gets a fatal crash...
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    Solved RGH not booting into xell

    OK so i've installed rgh 1.2 with cool runner rev c on my falcon and the console wont boot to xell, all i see is black screen and cool runner just a red light with no green light flashing.Can anyone help me ? i also made a backup of my nand with no bad blocks.(No soldering flux was used to...
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    Solved E73(1021) worth actually going for a SB reflow?

    I recently acquired this old Xenon board that had a RRoD, it was the classic one -- 3 rings, secondary code indicated a cold solder joint on the GPU. I'm in serious lack of heating tools, so I decided to heat the [email protected]$t out of the CPU, GPU and SB with this portable room heater.. It did the trick...
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