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red dead redemption 2 online glitch

  1. E

    Working  After Patch!! How to Passive Mode Glitch RDR2 Online [Solo] Method, Fast and Easy!

    Hey guys, Here again with another Passive Mode Glitch after patch. So you can hunt unbothered once again :smile: Enjoy :tongue: Sorry about my voice in the video I am very sick today. Text Tutorial: Go to any stable on the map Walk up to the door but don't go inside Wait there and now navigate...
  2. Jacob Frye

    Working  Blackwater Pier Wall breach

    Head over to the pier in Blackwater, and swim around the pier. You will see two pillars. Just swim between them, and you'll be under the pier. You might have trouble for a bit, but you'll get it if you switch back and forth from 3rd person view to 1st person view.
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