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    Discovery  Off the radar/map glitch

    I was about to finish a bounty hunter with my mates. I through dynamite at the drop off point before he went in, killing him but also delivering the target. From then on, his icon was transparent on the map when in the posse, but as soon as I left the posse, I could not see him on the map at...
  2. M

    Patched  Gus Legendary Pelt Duplication (Not Solo)

    Requirements: A friend or 2nd console Legendary Pelt Timing Steps: Grab a legendary pelt and have it stowed on your horse. Make your way to Gus Join a friends posse, then kill yourself through left dpad menu (Respawn) Get friend to pickup your dead body and be ready to stow it before you make...
  3. Red Dead Online Holiday Update Adds Snow, Free Gifts, And More

    Red Dead Online Holiday Update Adds Snow, Free Gifts, And More

    It’s hard to believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for over a year already, but Red Dead Online hasn’t been around for nearly as long. Launched in the spring on consoles and just last month for PC, this is the first proper holiday season for the game’s active community of players. To...
  4. Big Red Dead 2 Online Update Adding Bootlegging Business

    Big Red Dead 2 Online Update Adding Bootlegging Business

    Rockstar has detailed the next big update for Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, and it's coming soon. The update arrives on December 13 and introduces a slew of new content to the online game, headlined by a new Frontier Pursuit, the Moonshiner. The Moonshiner is a...
  5. ObediahSawyer52

    Patched  Solo lobby method

    First contribution to the thread I'm not the original founder of this method. And quite frankly, I'm not even sure who found it but it was revealed to me through a friend. If this method has already appeared here or on YouTube, then apologies for the inconvenience. First things first, this...
  6. Boca_Bhoy

    Tutorial  FREE treasure map locations in RDR online

    I thought I’d start this thread to show everyone the locations of all the free treasure maps that can be found in Red Dead Online since the frontier pursuits update, brilliant way of getting free gold bars, cash and more... At the time of making this thread (thurs 14th Nov) I’ve encountered 25...
  7. IEatBetas

    Solved  New hidden masks in rdr online?

    Found this: They finally added masks into online although I haven't seen anyone explain how to get this mask and if it's the only mask that been added? People seem to think that collecting those 54 collectable cards in online got them this mask. Who can confirm or deny this?
  8. Zanzo420

    Patched  *NEW METHOD* 100% Flawless CO-OP SOLO LOBBY Glitch (After Patch!)

    FOUNDERS: Zanzo420 & Whiteywinn While doing one of the recent glitches me and a good friend of mine, Whiteywinn, found a new method to make a solo lobby. It is a CO-OP only method so you will need a friend. - Load into a free roam lobby then join game on your friend who is helping you. - Once...
  9. RaoulDuke

    News  Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Out Now

    -Frontier Pursuits Trailer & Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club- -Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rewards Page- -Out Now Newswire- -Release Date Reveal Newswire Post- -OP Newswire- Leave your thoughts down below!
  10. Silent Nine


    -Text Tutorial- Steal a horse and Get ANY 2 animals.(That you can place on the back of your horse) Make sure you are on your stolen horse. Put the first one on the stolen horse then the other one on your horse. Go to Stawberry and go to the cliff that is next to the butcher. Park the stolen...
  11. Silent Nine


    -Tutorial- *You Need Two Players* Get ANY animal. Go to Blackwater and on the right side on the docks. Make it so your horse is in water. Have your friend shot your horse. Call in your horse after it dies. Make sure you have the first animal that dropped in your hands and do make your horse...
  12. High Gamer

    Working  "Red Dead 2 Online" How to Fast travel with 3 star carcass! Also a cool little lantern glitch!

    How To/Lantern Glitch Video 3 Star Carcass Fast Travel 1: Head to fast travel post when ready to fast travel with carcass. 2: When near fast travel post, get off horse then flee him/her away before fast travelling. (Make sure and wait until your horse icon is completely off the map) 3: Once at...
  13. neskimo

    Tutorial  Making an Attractive Character (Less is More)

    [Select your Heritage, Skin Tone, Age, Build, Eye Color, and Eyebrows.] [Set everything to Neutral, then select the shortest Hair Style. ] [Turn every Lifestyle slider down completely.] [Then set everything to None] [Turn Tiredness slider down completely.] [Turn every Makeup...
  14. High Gamer

    Patched  *Red Dead 2* No Stable Faster Cougar Duplication Glitch! Also Fast Fish Dupe! Make Thousands Now!!

    - J Stone New Cougar Dupe Video - - Fast Fish Dupe Video - - Credit - Chief Bacon Antioo25 J Stone **Huge shout out to that boii YT: J Stone for bringing these glitches to the community** Hey guys up above is a new Cougar duplication glitch and there is NO stable involved. Also above is a...
  15. High Gamer

    Patched  100% SOLO*Red Dead 2 Online* Fast 'n Easy Carcass Duplication Glitch!!

    **Founders** YouTube: Mr Raton Laveur YouTube: Antioo25 Method Grab any carcass you can stow upon your horse. Head to a Stable (Valentine is ideal as the butcher is across road from stable) With carcass on horse, walk in stable with horse and at same time press start, progress, story missions...
  16. TG3R_IMM

    Working  After Patch! NEW SOLO LOBBY METHOD RDR2 Online 1.09

    Duplicate post: Here’s a new method to be solo in a Lobby in Red Dead Online 1.09. I found this method and it’s pretty easy.. 1. You will be in free roam session 2. A friend goes into a gun rush...
  17. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Mode Leaves Beta With Huge Update

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Mode Leaves Beta With Huge Update

    Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, has been receiving a steady stream of patches and content since launching in open beta last November, and now the online mode is finally moving out of its beta phase with this week's update. Rockstar is introducing an assortment of...
  18. High Gamer

    Patched  100% Working*Must See Red Dead 2 UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch!! *

    **High Gaming HD** YouTube: High Gaming HD (Please feel free to subscribe) **Glitch Video** **Founder** YouTube: TLG_TV 264_ **Also Support That Boi J Stone** YouTube: J Stone **Updated Method** Hey guys a little update on the UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch, y'all will have to hold/spam right...
  19. J STONE

    Patched  TRUE Solo Unlimited Money/Gold/Xp Glitch! *MUST SEE!* Easy to Do!

    An extremely easy glitch to do! Earn 15,000Xp, 5 Gold Bars, and $840 Every Hour!! Step 1 - Download "Media Player" from PS Store (Could use any application that will suspend Red dead Once opened) Step 2 - Load in Red Dead Online Free Roam Mode and use the Left D-Pad to Open up the free roam...
  20. DuPz

    Working  Red Dead Online New Easy out of map glitch

    This is the easiest way me and my friends could find to get out of the map in update version 1.06 Requires 2 players, one has to stay behind. (At the moment, still working on a way to get the second player out) Step 1: Cross the Sea of Coronado. Step 2: Walk left around Mexico. Step 3: Have your...
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