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  1. Knifeyy_TG

    MW  RECRUITING for TG, fast invites to clan, over 1000 members!

    Looking for a clan/community? About TG Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (consoles, PC & mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience...
  2. PostTraumatic

    Xbox One  -DIE HYDRA EMPIRE- Military Crew Recruitment

    Crew Name: -Die Hydra Empire- -Die Hydra Empire- Is a newly Formed GTA Online Military Crew and is looking to recruit Active Members to efficiently carry out Various Positions from Soldiers to Command Position -The Goal of The Empire is to expand our Influence and Power across Los Santos...
  3. GiantCCwaffle


    OASiS Gaming is a new 5 Man gaming team for Black ops 2 on Xbox one. WE ONLY WANT GOOD PLAYERS THAT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE TEAM. TO apply: Add me on Xbox(GT is SL0THxx) You must have a working Mic You must be at least 13 years of age You must not be annoying lol You must tell me why you...
  4. B

    PS4  Solo Player looking for Crew! | Lvl 190

    BigBabyBubba_7 | Age: 20 | Australia - Solo Player & not Toxic. - Enjoy Money-Making ($125 Million Made) & Vehicle Collecting - KDR: 1.30 & Level 190. - Looking for an Active and Professional Crew to Represent as I'm burnt out grinding the Game solo...
  5. E

    Xbox One  Experienced player looking for an active crew (FREE AIM ONLY!)

    Gamertag/Social Club: Exeploder Platform: Xbox One Location: New Zealand Timezone: UTC+12:00 Looking for a free aim crew to join, preferably with a decent amount of active members. Considering anything. Message me on xbox.
  6. demonicdev18

    Xbox One  PMC Recruiting

    Blithewood Private Security is Recruiting for new members. we started about a day ago after leaving a milsim due to poor leadership. we will take anyone regardless of experience. if youre interested in joining then apply on our website. blithewood.weebly.com
  7. Tank Girl

    The Killa Bunnies Crew-Recruitment

    RECRUITMENT FOR THE KILLA BUNNIES "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS" ABOUT THE CREW My crew is open to both male and female gamers who have a female character. The point of this crew is to have fun, help each other earn money(heist, missions, gunrunning, mc, ceo) and to have one another's...
  8. D

    All IW MW3 MW MW2 WaW Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3  Dexterity Redemption recruitment challenge

    Hi, We are a sniping/feed clan and looking for new members. We are called Dexterity Redemption. We are new and are looking to grow and get noticed on YouTube.Myname is DR Jimmybob. The clan consists of me, the leader, and my friend called Blizzi i, The co-leader. The clan has a YouTube channel...
  9. S

    Satans Henchmen mc Looking for male and female members

    Satans Henchmen Mc is looking for new male prospects 1% free aim must be 15 or mature PS4 and XBOX 1 SHMC Fallen Angels is looking for new female prospects 1% free aim must be 15 or older APPLY TODAY message me on kik britleann
  10. N

    All  No L'z Clan Recruiting GT:NoLz Made

    All CoDs Mw2,MW, MW3 Snipers and clippers Bo2,Bo3,Advanced Warfare and Infinity Warfare try Hards for competetive gaming and Gb, Gb experience would be cool. I wanna win some Tournaments with a group of players and gain some fans. Fun people who have nothing better to do than r*** at cod if...
  11. PrevailGB


    New and upcoming eSports gaming clan; Most Feared™ (mF) is recruiting experienced BO3 gamebattlists! They are Search Dominant, and are skilled in Variant as well! Looking to grow and make chemistry with a new team ladder whom has potential. They are looking to become a dominant team upon the...
  12. 2020Vishun


    TACG is a active crew with active crew chat...Mature, friendly, serious GTA players who specialize in CEO and MC business, Spawning rare vehicles, completing daily objectives . Heists... Mastermind challenge ... We do organised races, deathmatches. We all help eachother get stuff done and have...
  13. D

    IW  ImmoralGamingCo now Recruiting again! Sponsored TALENTED Org.

    Join us! Immoral Gaming Winning is Teaching, Losing is Learning... If you can't learn when you lose, you won't get any better. Immoral Gaming is a skilled PS4 Call of Duty clan fighting in top teir leagues, now looking to recruit new members to join our team and strive for the #1 spot! We...
  14. Y

    The Adult Crazy Gang Is Recruiting!

    I was not sure where to put this, but feel free to reassign this post to the right forum. TACG is a active crew with active crew chat...Mature friendly GTA players who specialize in CEO and MC business... Spawning rare cars. Heists... Mastermind challenge ... We do crew racing.... Lobby...
  15. A1vDipper

    Xbox one Accursed Mc recruitment

    fill out this form below and I will get back with you Gt: Past crews: Age(must be 16+) Realms for wanting to join: Experience in mc community
  16. T

    PS4  Crew recuritment

    BMOB CREW RECRUITMENT we are a freemode crew and we are looking for experienced freemode players or players who are good at combat who want to try to join us and make your freemode and gta5 combat skills better. Currently we only have 30 members but our community has over 200 members who are in...
  17. Z

    Trove Xbox One Club

    Hi I've made a club, I am currently building the club word. I'm looking for Active members. If you are interested can you coment your GT or add me on Xbox GT: Anonymous Slayz
  18. Snarbs

    Recruiting for a new clan! (YunG) Help me run it!

    Phew, okay. So, I've been wanting to make a CoD clan for a while. The clan will be named YunG and be for fun and eventually posting clips. Fill out this very basic forum for entry. My GT on xb360 is "JooshM80" My PSN is "EggcelentM8" Age in years: (doesn't matter too much, just don't be 50...
  19. P


    TriX clan PSN Leader WildNoah_ Co Pyrotechnick_ Contact on psn to try out or join also comment down below Doesn't matter your play style Sniper, quickscoper, competive, rusher, etc BO3 preferred 13+ (If your a week or 2 before your B-day it's fine) but be mature tryouts if you don't make...
  20. D

    Dyscharge Gaming <NOW RECRUITING>

    Dyscharge gaming is now recruiting xbox one and playstation 4 call of duty players. We are looking for skilled competitive, youtubers, and streamers. We are a sponsored team looking to grow. If interested, comment on this post, msg DG MISMATCH on xb1, or email [email protected]...
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