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    MW [NA][EU]XBOX][PS4] [PC][MW][16+] 5WIFT Gaming is Recruiting

    Are you tired of playing MW by yourself? Do you want to work together with likeminded individuals so that you can win more games rank up and meet new people. If you answered yes, then come join us at 5WIFT Gaming! We are active daily playing HC, Core and WZ. If you want people to run games with...
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    MW Regiment Recruitment | Demonic Collective (dC)

    Looking for players with a mic and of all skill and play style whether it be Comp or casual dont care just hoping to party up with a couple lads and have some good times (prefer Adults but if you’re funny then welcome ?) add me in the social menu Shazza#1085673 I’m based on pc but don’t...
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    Los Santos Life Role Play

    Los Santos Life Role Play is now currently looking for new members to join its server. This server plays on Xbox One, and we do have a working Cad/MDT system. We play 4 nights a week all starting at 7 pm Cst. All departments that are open are the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Civilian, Fire &...
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    Xbox One -DIE HYDRA EMPIRE- Military Crew Recruitment

    Crew Name: -Die Hydra Empire- -Die Hydra Empire- Is a newly Formed GTA Online Military Crew and is looking to recruit Active Members to efficiently carry out Various Positions from Soldiers to Command Position -The Goal of The Empire is to expand our Influence and Power across Los Santos...
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    All Recruiting for MWR/MW4 Clan Ps4 only!

    Recruiting for clan x2SiK, been running since mw2, must be able to change psn and have a good laugh! If interested message me. Psn - x2SiK-VipeR- UK Based but all are welcome!
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    PS3 PC Motoring | Recruiting

    Greetings everyone, we are looking to rebuild after a 3 years hiatus and shifting focus to PC now, but still loyal to PS3 as well. Anyone from chill to tryhards are welcome. We only ask no team killing, support each other. What happens in our lobbies stays in our lobbies(Closed Sessions)...
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    Xbox One The Fallen Arise Gaming Recruiting!!

    The Fallen Arise Gaming is looking for members to join our new clan. Anyone is welcome to join the team with these following requirements. ***PLEASE LIKE OUR FB PAGE*** Must be active [No Exceptions] Mic is preferred Must be Xbox One [Working on a...
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    Discussion Amplified eSports Competitive Fortnite Recruiting!

    Hello! We are an upcoming Competitive eSports team looking for Recruitments! Requirements: - Must be at least 15+ - Be active. (At least weekends) - Must have at least 100+ wins. (Any section. Ex: Solo, Duo, Squads) - Must be a Team Player. (Cares about teammates, Not Themselves) - A Decent...
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    Ghosts BO3 WWII - Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting !

    Guerrilla Gamers is recruiting !. GGC is a brand NEW clan.. lets be honest- it sucks playing with randoms that dont even have mics lol.. you want to Be sure that you have a good team to play. I am the leader of a NEW cod clan called " Guerrilla Gamers" and im looking for members to join...
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    WWII [PSN] The 55's

    Hello Everyone, The 55's are looking for new members to join our ranks on COD WWII on the PS4! We are a mature, fun, group of gamers from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Highlights: Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here, we just like to have fun. A member of The 55's...
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    Crew Recruiting

    My crew, x The-Next-Level x, are looking for more experienced and loyal players to join our ranks. We have a good foundation of daily players but looking to add to make gameplay much better.... If you’re over 18, have a mic, like to make money and wreck an occasional lobby, hit me up. We look...
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    Xbox One The Global Black Ops is recruiting members If you are looking for a crew that will have your back no matter what the odds are in battle. The Global Black Ops are here for you. If you want to just chill and have fun, The Global Black Ops is the one for you. If you want to make...
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    PS4 Australia/PS4/GTAV | Recruiting SOLO Players! | The Clubberlang Gang [TCLG]

    Hey all - PS4/Level 160 Solo Player/Active/Gamertag: BigBabyBubba_07 95% of the time I'm Solo on GTAO, figured I'd make an open Clan for people like myself: Money-Making (CEO/MC/etc), Car Enthusiast, Grinding to get the best out of the Game, as well as just ****ing about. - Crew Colour: Crew...
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    Xbox One PMC Recruiting

    Blithewood Private Security is Recruiting for new members. we started about a day ago after leaving a milsim due to poor leadership. we will take anyone regardless of experience. if youre interested in joining then apply on our website.
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    ( MUST HAVE MIC ) Hello i am OPG Purgatory i'm currently recruiting for OPG (On-Point Gaming) we're a hardcore clan , we are a serious and big community we are looking for new players message me or comment below if you are interested or want to know more details. (MUST HAVE MIC) WE ARE ON XBOX !!
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    All MW3 MW2 Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3 Supreme clan is recruiting!

    Hey, we are a newly formed clan, called Supreme. The clan now has two members, and we are working to grow bigger and better. The clan will have a main Youtube channel, and members will have their own to post on. My name is "Supreme Alchemi". We have made this clan to have fun, but also to know...
  17. G

    IW Ghosts BO BO2 BO3 New Clan - Looking for members

    I started a Brand New clan called "Guerrilla Gamers" (GGC] - IF you want a Clan for COD? look no further. I'll be honest, - GGC doesn't have alot of members right now but to that i'll say *QUALITY not QUANTITY *.. GGC is looking for active, dedicated gamers For Call of Duty. again...
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    MW BO3 Reloaded Nation is Now Recruiting

    The Name is Chris aka Vesper and I am the Leader of Reloaded Nation (RDN) we are currently in phase one of are recruitment process and are looking for members who are ready to hit the battlefield and do whatever it takes to complete the mission (the battle). We currently are on MWR and BO3 but...
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    IW Ghosts BO BO2 BO3 - GGC is Recruiting -

    Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers. GGC IS a brand new clan. I started this clan, with the hopes of creating a friendly environment where all gamers can play, be competitive, and have fun. . and Yes, we do have our own Website www dot GuerrillaGamers dot com Requirements - *either casual or...
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    PC UKGB UkGunBook are recruiting players to earn serious cash & RP !!

    We are UKGB UkGunBook and are players of varying ages, myself i am a young 41, we are making money and rp by grinding heists, and putting teams together to work through heists, all setups and main heist. this is financially working out very well as we are able to buy the games nice things. We...
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