1. aSloppyHotdog

    Discussion  Anyone doing FREE ModMenu Recovery on WaW Prefer Zombies , Black Ops 1 Zombies (If Possible) , and BO2 Zombies...And has there Ever Been a BO3 type?

    ☆ -Xbox : GodImmortality (aka : ヅ#3861) -Instagram : error_404LoadingPage. -Discord : (My Display Name Is Modded/Invis) ^Username : skids_my_ip_is_in_my_bio ◇[Note : I seen on the app "Gameflip" claiming to give you a modmenu on black ops 2 for $5 wanted to know if it were a scam or possible as...
  2. X

    Solved  Safe recovery methods? (PC)

    So I've been told that nearly all recovery methods are detected or disbaled at the moment. does anyone know of any safe and working money/recovery methods that are working? I've been doing modded cayo heists but I am burned out on them. Thanks!
  3. Juicee4

    Solved  Halo reach help

    Hi I need some help either can someone help me figure out how to take a modded offline account online or can someone just get me inheritor lol pls help me
  4. R

    Unsolved  Account Recovery Gone Wrong

    So somebody did a account recovery for me, using wardens menu. Now I can't load GTA without crashing can anyone tell me what happened or what I need to do, to fix this.
  5. I

    Unsolved  error when doing any recovery options in recovery tools

    PLEASE HELP RESPOND ASAP HELP HELP so when i use bo2 **** tool or an other tool for recovery options i get a error saying exception from HRESULT : 0x82DA0004 my plugins are XBDM.xex LiveEmulation Stealth server XRPC.xex JRPC2.xex i have also tried rpc.xex See the end of this message for...
  6. B

    Bo3 Boosting

    Boosting if we get 4-8 players we will do rotation ffa (free for all) so we all get Nuked Outs and get camos if we get 8+ players we will do a Team death match 75 kill rotation to get a gun gold nearly Timing GTM Mon-Fri - 10am - 1pm (times may varie) Gold Gun - 10-30 Mins Diamond - 1-2...
  7. Diorthefish

    Solved  Lost Gamertag / Profile

    So I was just about to sign in to my gamertag only to find out that everything is gone. Its like everything reset but when I checked the content folder of my profile, everything was still there. How do I recover this profile? The name and gamertag pic are the same prior to the loss of data. I...
  8. DemiZe

    Solved  Any way to change a gamertag on a banned account?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on this forum but I'm sure one of you guys can help me out with this problem. I have an Xbox account that was banned a few months ago for allegedly phishing or buying a gamertag. We're on a modding forum and I'd have no problem saying if I bought one...
  9. D

    Solved  Deranked how do I fix it?

    I was just deranked on mw3 I had everything unlocked with godmode classes and I don’t know what to do :( can anyone help?
  10. P

    Solved  how to fix my "ruined" Ruiner

    hello, misreading steps from i ended up with replacing my Ruiner 2000 with a Sultan RS. so i now have a Sultan RS on Special Vehicle Warehouse and if i...
  11. GgC Cyclops

    Unsolved  Game type specific stat editor

    does anyone have a recovery tool or stat editor that works for specific game types?
  12. dfaultd


    Im not a modder but everytime i go onto my account then go into a game it does a loop where it loads my classes then black screens i need help from a modder to either derank me and ill go get my stuff my self or they can rank me up for me my gt is MaurlsNannnnnnn (7 ns) Thankyou for ur time :)
  13. K

    Unsolved  BO2 Recovery Tools

    Hi guys I just wanna know if you guys have any good modding tools, I got R34s tool but that's it, if you have any link them please. Thank you
  14. BathWater

    Unsolved  Deranked round 2. Have rgh but need info on how to do recovery.

    I've been playing MW3 since the midnight release back in 2011, still have the poster up in my room. To make a long story short I was deranked last year, worked my way back up and I got deranked again tonight. I don't feel like working my way all the way back to 10th prestige for the 3rd time so...
  15. jamesgarretttt

    Unsolved  Best Remote Recovery Tool? OPINIONS PLZZZ

    hey guys, i have been trying countless times to do a remote recovery. i have been able to do a normal recovery using the AIO tool. I was recommended APP Net and i have purchased the license but whenever i spoof and then click xbox live the actual program freezes. still waiting on support to...
  16. K

    Tutorial  How to change PSN password

    in this video i show you how to change your password and where to see your date of birth easy!!! hope i helped :))
  17. F

    Unsolved  Recovery Stats wont stick for the person on BO2

    im trying to do recoveries for people i can spoof onto their account i know it has worked because when i go into a game if you view player card it comes up with theirs and then i give them max stats and everything after fresh restart and then i play a couple games and after i get out of the...
  18. TheHerald

    Solved  How not to get banned? (PC)

    Hello fellow sinners. So I have GTA V Online on PC and although I myself play legitimate, I am considering modding or getting recovery in the future. There are a lot of threads which explain how not to get banned - but of course no one can give a 100% security of R* not banning you. Other...
  19. Axx9844


    There are many tools you can use but I prefer BO2 Account Spoofer by XBOX360LSBEST and R34sMods Free Bo2 Tool. What you wana do is quit bo2-connect to their account-Launch bo2- do the recovery-play 2 games and get at least 10 kills in each-relaunch game make sure it saved-pet a cat(Optional)
  20. Saucy Modz

    Solved  Error Code 80151012 for Modding Recoveries

    So I have been having this problem when I do recoveries for customers that when ever I try signing into their accounts I get the error code 80151012, and when I looked up on YouTube on how to fix it you have to sign into there account on the computer, then verify its you like 2 times just to go...
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