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  1. pzho

    Recoveries possibility?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has tested doing solo zombies lobbies to see if you're likely to be banned? Since it's alone I'd presume the chances where very slim, but wanted to check because I'm thinking if I use the modded zombies lobbies alone, just sign into my friends accounts and do...
  2. Professional

    Game Mods  Halo Reach Remote Recoveries

    I will be offering remote recoveries on halo reach $5 USD: I will mod your account once. $10 USD I will do it up to 4 times on any gamertags that you choose. I accept Bitcoin, XBL Gold, amazon and potentially paypal for trusted users. Make sure you don't launch the game till after I do your...
  3. LAlN

    Tutorial  How To Do Remote Recoveries BO1 / MW3 2019

    It has been brought to our attention that people are selling remote recovery tools on BO1 and MW3. XBOX360LSBEST gave me the ok to release this so here ya go. We don't like it being sold because people are literally selling just an XUID Spoofer and ripping people off. How To Do This: 1. Sign...
  4. NeverEnding

    Question  [PS3]COD Ghosts Extinction Teeth Mods

    I am about to buy a PS3 and jailbreak it with the new exploit. I wanted to know if there is any way to mod teeth into COD Ghosts. I am new to modding, but know my way around a little. If anyone knows an RTM, SPRX, recovery, or any other type of mod I do not know about that changes teeth value...
  5. jamesgarretttt

    Question  Best Remote Recovery Tool? OPINIONS PLZZZ

    hey guys, i have been trying countless times to do a remote recovery. i have been able to do a normal recovery using the AIO tool. I was recommended APP Net and i have purchased the license but whenever i spoof and then click xbox live the actual program freezes. still waiting on support to...
  6. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  Free BO2 Recovery Tools?

    Anyone know of any recovery tools for cod? I want to start doing recoveries but im broke since my money is going towards ninja. I need legit downloads, ive looked on yt but alot are viruses, etc. If its a premium account links or forums dont link please.
  7. Sombra

    [STAFF] Fix your Frozen Account, Mod Menu Rentals, Recoveries/ACS(Unlock All), Superman/Azza Lobbies

    The Sloth Shop Advanced Warfare Sloth Shop Black Ops 2 Sloth Shop Modern Warfare 3 Sloth Shop I accept PayPal, Amazon, Xbox Gift Card's, and PSN Gift Card's. This is a paid service, nothing is for free. Ways to Contact Me Recovery - $15 ACS Lobby - $10 Fix Your Frozen Account - $3...
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