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rebug 4.81.2

  1. Twf2009

    Question  How do you get a mod menu on call of duty world at war ps3

    Hello, during this covid 19 situation i have jailbroken my old ps3, all I want to do it play call of duty world at war but with a mod menu, I've tried to add a mod menu but everytime I go to load up multiplayer it freezes on the play online and lan party screen, I have even tried to remove the...
  2. J

    Question  How to unjailbreak my ps3?

    How can I put my PS3 PHAT back on Official Firmware? Back in December(2017) I got caught up in the hype of jailbreaking consoles. All of the "FREE PS3 GAMES" stuff convinced me that Jailbreaking the console would be for the better. Unfortunately, just like with real advertisements, there was a...
  3. X


    Okay I'm a huge noob at the moment and I have questions. I'm having huge problems trying to go online. I wanna know what exactly I need to play online. I've watched over 20 videos tutorials on Youtube and each one of them say different damn things. It's like no one wants to say tell you straight...
  4. n9ne6ix

    Question  SPRX & EBOOT not working (4.81 DEX PS3)

    I have a REBUG 4.81.2 DEX PS3, but when I install mods for MW2 via FileZilla, nothing happens in-game. EBOOT gets installed in "/dev_hdd0/game/BLES00683/USRDIR" SPRX file gets installed in "/dev_hdd0/tmp" I have even changed the region from North America to UK, thinking it was to do with...
  5. n9ne6ix

    Solved  MW2 MOD MENU (PS3 CFW)

    How do you install a mod menu and play ONLINE. Installed a couple which were bypass/private match only. I want to play online (patch 1.14), any suggestions/recommendations? -Thanks.
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