1. Resident Evil 7: NOT A HERO Playthrough pt 2!

    Resident Evil 7: NOT A HERO Playthrough pt 2!

    second part of the series and things start to get increasingly scary, creepy, and difficult!
  2. louloupc2255

    Tools  Halo All In One TOOL

    I post my new tool for halo reach, it only includes exclusive options, shady mods to crack my tool and it is to appropriate my options, so I prefer to share it sorry if my english is bad, i m french good game <3...
  3. S

    Grifball Sword Line experince boosting?

    Looking to get 7 more people to boost Grifball. On PC there's no one playing it, so should be easy to get the 30k+ exp a match really quickly
  4. Professional

    Video  Halo appeals to the male fantasy

  5. L

    Solved  Is there a way to bridge or force host in Halo Reach?

    Are there anyways to bridge host in Halo Reach? Or any mod tools for RGH, XDK, JTAG that can force host? I know Astro has a force host option but it doesn't work, maybe im using it wrong? Im on an RGH Glitch 2 Jasper. if that helps Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Professional

    Tools  Armory RTE tool

    Here's a project I've been working on since 2016. It used to be paid but because of recent drama I made it free. Download - Scan
  7. A

    Solved  Dank Modding Tool Connection Help

    I need help I'm new to this and have no idea what to put for kernal, cpu, or version, and i dont even know what ip to put for ip. So could someone pls help me connect.
  8. A

    Unsolved  Need a modder to edit TRUSTYSN00ZE's Tron gametype in Halo Reach

    Hi everyone. A couple of years ago I asked TRUSTYSN00ZE on Xbox Live to make a Sharpshooter gametype (that we used to play in Halo 4) for me and 550 people in my Halo Reach custom game clan. So, 1 month later he did, while also adding Gun Game features to it and named it Weapon Wielders...
  9. Professional

    Code  Armor effect looper c#

    This is code to cycle through armor effects, you need an rgh for this to work and you'll need some knowledge in copy and pasting my work into visual studios lmao
  10. KitttyJones

    Solved  How To Get Legendary Armor Effect? (Red Flames) Willing to Pay

    I heard something about a license transfer but I have no idea what that is, I don't have a JTAG/RGH, just a retail so if somebody could help me out here that'd be great.
  11. x64

    Tools  [RTM Tool] Halo Reach Ripper

    Virus Scan Click me
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