1. Red Dead Online PS4- God Mode Glitch New Update ?

    Red Dead Online PS4- God Mode Glitch New Update ?

    Founders: xARTUROx // XVI-DI4BL0-IVX
  2. RaoulDuke

    News  Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Out Now

    -Frontier Pursuits Trailer & Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club- -Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rewards Page- -Out Now Newswire- -Release Date Reveal Newswire Post- -OP Newswire- Leave your thoughts down below!
  3. L

    Working  Invisibility glitch (co-op)

    More and more people are figuring out the invisibility glitch so ill share it with you. Theres different ways to get invisible, this is the easiest way so far. Requirements: *2 player *posse leader visit the boy( Valentine) or who ever else gives jailbreak mission. *both need to be in same posse...
  4. L

    Discovery  .5 gold for every kill

    Ok so im doing xp co op explode on the island where the player resonds in the same spot. I reach 1000 kills for repeater headshot challenge, got the gold buckle and .4 for resetting the challenge. Then after the reset i killed with different weapon because i ran out of ammo. Then rope the player...
  5. EyeDuDab

    Discussion  First Round of RDO$ Reconciliation

    i just logged into RDO and was presented with this fine beauty. has anyone else gotten hit? how much did you get hit for? which glitch do you think they are adjusting for?
  6. Mr Patel

    Patched  Red Dead Online - Unlimited 500xp Exploit

    This exploit will give you 500xp each time Probably the fastest xp method if you have the patience. It can also be used on different awards that you have nearly complete, it is not limited to the one I have provided below (Edit: This may work better if you use a wired connection. As soon as...
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