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raspberry pi

  1. P

    Question  bricked xbox 360 falcon bad nand

    i tried to rgh3 my xbox 360 falcon. i bought a raspberry pi pico and installed pi flasher. i welded a diode and 22k ohm resistor, then, welded my raspberry to nand pins. then went to jrunner and did some errors. at first i lost my original nand beacause i didn't made a backup, but before, i made...
  2. J

    Solved  Xenon RGH3/Chipless (Please explain why its not possible)

    I got a bundle of Xbox 360's (12) 10 of them are Xenon's (7 have dead Dvd Drives, One has a power supply failure (When I plug it in and attempt to turn it on the Power brick red lights and stops working until its sat unplugged for about 3 minutes), One has dead Memory card/remote controller...
  3. M

    C/C++  Questions about the raspberry pi?

    Back story; I purchased a RBP3, and I plan on using it to create an arcade cabinet out of it. Now, I have never owned one, and don't know too much about coding or anything, so I figured this was the perfect place to start. I was wondering about how difficult it would be to have some kind of...
  4. BaSs_HaXoR

    [Xbox One] - ultimate way to run Gimx with no errors.

    I haven't tested this, but thought I'd share some modification done to get Gimx to work on XBOX ONE (Should work). (I only found this post, ALL credit goes to @Matio) This requires: Rasberry Pi (credit card-sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard) UART (Universal Asynchronous...
  5. PINE A64: A Worthy Challenger to the Raspberry Pi

    PINE A64: A Worthy Challenger to the Raspberry Pi

    You'd be a fool to say that the technology industry wasn't growing at an extremely fast pace. It seems as if I only wrote my article on the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero computer yesterday, but lo and behold, we already have another contender in the race. Meet the PINE A64 computer, a computer that...
  6. The Raspberry Pi Zero: A $5 Computer

    The Raspberry Pi Zero: A $5 Computer

    I am certain that a fair number of us here can easily ramble on and on about how our custom PC's are total beasts and how they'll tear any game up at max settings and so on and so forth, but how would we react if someone told us about a brand new PC that cost a mere $5? I am sure most of us...
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