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  1. Cold War | Hardpoint Pub Match | LIVE Gameplay

    Cold War | Hardpoint Pub Match | LIVE Gameplay

    my favorite map, hijacked. intense tactical maneuvers. drop a comment if you'd like to play!
  2. Black Ops Cold War | HC FFA | Crossplay ENABLED

    Black Ops Cold War | HC FFA | Crossplay ENABLED

    Some hardcore FFA using the new GTX 1660 Super I was finally able to get my hands on. Definitely one of my favorite maps from the cod series too
  3. INSANE FFA Blitz! | Vanguard | DRIP STAR LIVE

    INSANE FFA Blitz! | Vanguard | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Hey, hey, hey, check out this quickplay blitz match! I fought hard, secured the victory... would have been better to secure the top spot! Come join in and play using the VC Channels in the Se7enSins Official Discord!
  4. dustybuns

    Hi, I host apex legends bot lobbies and ranked boosting [free]

    Description- I will put you in a bot lobby, either in public matches or ranked matches (Dependent on your goal) what to expect: PUBLIC MATCHES *10-20 kills per game *Easy 4-5k damage what to expect: RANKED MATCHES *max KP, easily *win every game *rank doesn’t matter requirements- MUST HAVE...
  5. Ranked Battle Royale | Warfare (12-0 Match) | CoD: Mobile Season 2

    Ranked Battle Royale | Warfare (12-0 Match) | CoD: Mobile Season 2

    Season 2 is going strong with tons of new guns, new community playlists, characters, and tons of new challenges. Here's whats happening in the Warfare playlist in the Ranked BR Section of the game.
  6. FC PoloField

    Question  Arena Master and Calling Cards

    Is there any way to copy the Arena Master Rank Icon and collect all Arena Calling Cards onto my account?
  7. Sesquipedalian


    Cross-platform Clan High-performance attitude. Taking Part in Ranked and the weekly tournaments. We are Active and have members playing predominantly on PC and Xbox we would like a mic if possible because within a game communication is key.
  8. VelocityRewinds

    Discussion  (I'd like a) Ranked Mode

    I believe a ranked mode could and should be added into Apex. Even though luck is partially a factor, starting off, there's so much depth and team play in this game because of the legends. And people like Octane and Pathfinder have so much outplay potential. Lifelines would be good support. I...
  9. EpikHotdog43

    Xbox One  Rainbow Six Siege ranked

    Looking for people to squad up in R6 siege for ranked. US/Canada region. Call outs, mic’s, know the game, and map. Hit me up EpikHotdog43. Message me your rank and clearance rank, must atleast be higher than level 50 and above silver 3.
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