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  1. gamer7121

    Question  Any way to save a game state to reload later? rgh xbox 360

    I've been playing black ops zombies split screen a ton on my rgh with my room mate. The issue is we will often get to round 20 or so on ascension and then have to pause for class, then come back and finish till we die. We usually don't have enough time or energy to finish an entire game in one...
  2. I

    Question  Have to press the power button many times to boot PC

    Hi everyone, I built my first PC this year and it basically was a nightmare. Basically I was not able to boot due to ram issues. I had to take it to the shop and they told me they had to unlock the motherboard for the ram to be compatible. Its a bit complex since I'm currently studying abroad...
  3. ZacOnCrac

    Solved  Laptop Overheating Problem

    So basically, my laptop is pretty damn mid range, or at least was when I bought it 2 years ago. My biggest problem is overheating when playing games, causing it to black screen and turn off without warning. I need help in fixing this issue as it can run games very well (average resource...
  4. ZacOnCrac

    Solved  Adding RAM for a Noob?

    Hello guys, basically I'm am asking a simple question and need a simple answer. So my laptop is running a single stick of 8GB of DDR3L 1600mhz RAM. I have a free slot to shove in another stick. I happen to have a bunch of laptops taken apart and have a whole bunch of RAM sticks yet know nothing...
  5. BaSs_HaXoR

    Solved  Developing an .XEX (Need I/O Help)

    I'm developing an .XEX that needs to be able I/O (RAM) Game Memory. (like an .xex modmenu so-to-speak) [SOLVED]- I don't know if this has been done or not, but if someone has any idea's on how to I/O to a game's memory via JUST an .xex (rather than JRPC/XRPC/etc)... I have a good idea how to do...
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