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  1. K


  2. Bungie Details Prestige Raid Lairs in Destiny 2

    Bungie Details Prestige Raid Lairs in Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 players have been waiting for the Prestige difficulty setting for the game’s raid lairs since December of last year. In today’s This Week at Bungie update, the studio finally confirmed what these Prestige modes will look like and when players will be able to tackle them. Senior raid...
  3. Destiny 2’s Next Raid Lair Launches Next Week

    Destiny 2’s Next Raid Lair Launches Next Week

    In an information round-up about its upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Warmind, Bungie announced that the game’s next raid lair challenge will go live for players on Friday, May 11 at 10 AM PT. Players who purchase the Warmind expansion will have three days to prepare themselves for Bungie’s latest...
  4. D

    PC  [PC NA] [Dragon Blade] (Clan Recruiting) Max LVL + All Engrams Weekly

    https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2741203 [PC NA] [Dragon Blade] (Clan Recruiting) Max LVL + All Engrams Weekly Join the discord > https://discord.gg/RXmXJU8 Seeking new members w/ Microphone and Active All Timezones Welcome PVP & PVE Friendly We can help you complete raids...
  5. Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Raid Lair Launches This Week, Here's When

    Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Raid Lair Launches This Week, Here's When

    Bungie has announced the launch date for Destiny 2's first-ever Raid Lair, and it's coming up quite soon. Curse of Osiris owners will gain access to the new Raid content later this week, and much like the release of a proper Raid, Bungie will monitor attempts to become the world's first team to...
  6. I Split Feeds

    Looking for Raid Group/Trials

    Need experienced players to complete Leviathan/Trials of the Nine. Message "Feuik" on Xbox One for more info regarding this. Thanks guardians.
  7. xJreezy

    Xbox One  Xbox One Clan [DeD]

    Devil's Reapers [DeD] Clan Summary We are a clan that is focused on helping people with raids and weekly challenges such as nightfalls, and call to arms milestones. We are looking for people that can have fun but also be serious when necessary. We are a mix of people that enjoy PVP and PVE...
  8. Tony559

    Vault of Glass +any other Raid

    need people that are skilled and high leveled that know how to do vault of glass or any other raids. I play on Xbox 360 my GT is : Tonys Playing
  9. D

    Kings fall oryx part normal(XB1)

    I really want to finish this part
  10. B

    Need some people to defeat Oryx on Kings Fall Raidt

    Need atleast 3 members to help my friends and me to defeat Oryx. Shouldn't take long depending on the communication. Light level recommended is 295+ Message if interested.
  11. mws1130

    Discussion  Golgoroth maze chest

    Dont know if this has been posted but here is a map with the locations for the plates to spawn the chest found in the golgoroth maze. Also here is the order in which you step on the plates to spawn the chest. Thought this might be helpful!
  12. F


    Need 5 guardians with 290+ light to help with kings fall raid normal fresh on xbox one at around 5:00pm. Comment below Gamertag, light level, have you done it before or not, and titan, hunter, or warlock? Thank you. My Gamertag is: Fading Scream Kik me at- Shawnypoooh Or just message me on...
  13. M

    Kings Fall (last boss)

    Looking for people to down oryx then if wanting to start a new raid. Must be 295+, have mic, and know fights Message BTD TwitchyyXbox one
  14. Spectregeist

    TTK RAID 3 Open Spots

    Have 3 spots open for anyone interested in taking on the TTK raid. Our 3 person group are tactful and cooperative. We are looking for 3 people who have at least a 290 light level and can listen and communicate as well as carry their own weight, (also not being annoying would be a preference). If...
  15. HeyItsGhost

    King's Fall help

    Hello, I would like some help on the raid I ever tried it before and don't know what to do exactly also i need more people GT Hey Its Ghost Age21 Light 292 I'll be on till around 3am EST
  16. AltKev

    Discussion  Your Fastest King's Fall Raid Run

    Curious to see what your quickest time is running the Raid, from start to finish. Splitting it between 2 days, we made it to Gorgoloth in 1:22. The following day from Gorgoloth to defeating Oryx took 1:34.So all in all, just under 3 hours. Although our first run took between 10-12 hrs over 3...
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