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  1. Kanye North

    Tutorial  Call of Duty Cold War BOOSTING NOW

    CALL OF DUTY COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER BOOSTING NOW!! 1620254771 Drop your @ts below
  2. HyPr_Strafe

    Cyber Attack Boosting

    Hosting a boosting lobby, 2 controllers mandatory and mic preferred. Post psn or Activision id below and I will add.:cigar:
  3. J

    PS4  Actors needed for a quick Music Video Machinima! PS4 GMT

    I'm looking to shoot a music video and for some scenes I'll need more characters than myself. I'm hoping to "film" this week I'll need 4 maybe 5 other people who are on PS4 and would be ok following fairly mundane orders, I imagine it'll be alot of "walk to this spot and pull out a handgun"...
  4. R

    Patched  750k every 2 minutes 100% Hit Rate Tutorial ORBITAL CANNON MONEY GLITCH

    New 100% Hit rate tutorial EASY New video 100% hit rate very similar always works for me you just need to wait till it saves and when you're at the test connection bit you need to see the black screen before tapping out to test connection and use different outfits each time never select what...
  5. J

    Call of Duty Black ops 4 Boosting (KILLS)

    GT: GS Checkk Black ops 4 boosting lobby (kills) not rounds (Very Quick)!. Post GT or add me for invite
  6. Tastac

    Tastac's Money Drop Lobby || Safe || Undetected || Quick Cash ||

    WELCOME! | Tastac's Drop Lobby | |Status: Closed| \ / | Come Join! | Feel free to join my lobby anytime its open and get some free cash! \...
  7. I

    Cod 4 team tac dom or sab

    Message ilCamorrista IT. For an invite. No two controllers necessary.
  8. llcubell

    Discussion  PSA: Moving Cars Into CEO Garage Quickly

    I know this might seem like a pointless post, however I spent an hour the other night moving a bunch of my cars into my shiny new CEO garage. With that said... Your assistant can call your cars for you (and it's free), as in you wont need to drive to go get them or wait five minutes for the...
  9. E

    6 Man Quick Ranking up


    Patched  GTA V Online new money expolit/glitch

    New GTA V Online money exploit/glitch, Step 1 join any random lobby step 2 go to phone, go to quick join then select stunt series step 3 once in the race make sure your place 10 k on yourselves (the more bets placed the more money you make, if your in a race with 30 people and they all place...
  11. V

    Solved  Xbox One Ban?

    I've got a RGH, Thinking about going online now i have a xbox 360 and a xbox one, my xbox 360 is never plugged in, just my rgh and xbox one, i would like to know if i take my rgh online and after how ever long it takes for me to get banned, will my xbox one get banned? its online (my brother...
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