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  1. chuychg

    Solved  New on this about the xbox rgh? what do i need to know?

    Well im new into this about the xbox rgh, also i want to know what stealth tokens are? and what kind of important things i can know about the xbox rgh
  2. Mavey

    Solved  License Transfer Cancel Question

    Lets say I allow my friend to license transfer from me, and he doesn't have enough space for everything. Will he be able to license transfer and accept the download then cancel it, so if he wanted that content later on he could go onto my profile and get it from download history? In short, will...
  3. J

    Solved  i need some help with gta online with my jtag anyone please?

    so I got my jtag online working just fine I can join parties like normal but whenever I tryto play gta online It says cloud servers are unavailbile please help
  4. DrZepto

    Solved  DLC causing freezes?

    hello all, recently I downloaded all the map packs for black ops 2 (bles01717). Once installed, it works perfectly but sometimes freezes for no reason. It even freezes when I don't use mods. Anyone else having this problem? I'm on rebug 4.70.1 Rex and black ops 2 is running in multiman from my...
  5. DrZepto

    Solved  Does changing CID after signing in prevent CID bans?

    Not sure if the title is written well so here's my explanation: Whenever I play Ghosts or AW, I sign in using my normal unbanned CID. Then once signed in, I change it to an invalid number (all 0's). I haven't been CID banned from either Ghosts or AW yet but my accounts have been. So does this...
  6. DrZepto

    Solved  Can I use any 2.5" HDD on a Trinity RGH?

    Hello, once again I'm being a noob and getting confused with all these forums that have conflicting information. Anyway, my question is can I use any 2.5" Hard Drive in a Trinity RGH? I'm thinking of buying one but I don't know if I can swap out the HDD for a 1TB to store more games. Thanks in...
  7. DrZepto

    Solved  Why are there so many people with RGH instead of Jtags?

    i know that RGH is easier to obtain than a Jtag but I don't understand why so many people are buying RGHs when some shops offer JTags at the same price? Is it because RGHs benefit in some way or something? Ps sorry for being a Xbox noob. I'm used to PS3 modding
  8. DrZepto

    PS3  FIFA 16 - Is it safe to go online with CFW?

    I've never used online on FIFA games with my CFW so do I need any tools or files to prevent bans? Or do they not care about people using CFW to play legit online?
  9. A

    Solved  Just a quick question...

    So I've already been tempo-banned twice on Online for Mods, and I ain't denying that. The trend that I have seen is that the third ban is a perma-ban to Online, while others seem to get consecutive 2-month Bans after their 2nd ban. So I just want to clear this up. Are the 3rd-and-after bans a...
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