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  1. C

    Solved  Vehicle Sell Limit Bypass Methods?

    Hello, I've been using a bypass method to sell my duped cars without limit. I shared this method on another thread before, so to save myself some time from explaining it, here's a quote: Recently my method has been sorta patched. They removed the sign out option altogether from the Social Club...
  2. T

    Discussion  Is there a way to mod USF4 of Xbox 360?

    Ok, sorry if it's wrong, that's my first post here. So I was wondering if there is a way to change the 'Texture' (I don't know if that's how you say it) of the characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4 of Xbox 360. My Xbox 360 is an RGH That's is The mod I wanted to put but I don't know if that's...
  3. 3

    Solved  Is there any way to store things like a police cruiser in your garage anymore?

    The most recent thing I can find is from 2018. I didn't really know where to post this question.
  4. M

    Solved  Best glitch for making $ ATM?

    Hey guys!! I need some help in which glitches is the best online glitches ATM for making money? Preferably solo glitches Been away for a while and really hard to get some answers with so many new glitches both here and on YouTube. I am in the 1 car Club, so would be nice if it wasn't a dupe...
  5. Ehrmantraut

    Solved  (Question) BMX to Arena Workshop

    Ok so i got my bmx in my moc from the facillity, (old glitch). Anyways it says i cant move the bmx to my "clubhouse" when i try to switch it into the arena workshop. any ideas on how to get it in? ------------------------------ My goal of this is that i want to try and mod the bmx. Thx for any...
  6. L

    Question  Is it possible to store any car using a mod menu 1.46

    Hey i would like to know if it is possible to use a mod menu and store any car because when i try it doesn't let me drive out and save it it just doesn't let me drive
  7. G

    Solved  Disable or remove VAC?

    Hi, is there a way to disable VAC or prevent myself from being able to connect to secured servers? So to give some backstory before I begin I was VAC banned from Dying Light about a year ago for using the Dev/Debug Menu that was released at the time for the game. I had just been given it, used...
  8. J

    Solved  [Question] Is there any real "Cheap" "Low Level" Glitches out there?

    I currently just got back into GTA and i lost all my old progress and now im only level 20 with a couple hundred grand in my pocket? i was wondering if there is any glitches that dont requirement any of these MOC, Arena, Nightclub, Secret Formula for the Krabby Patty, and Written Example of...
  9. A

    Question  I have an important question.

    I am planning to get an Xbox 360 Demo Kit. It looks like that. I want to run Xbox 360 The Experience Disc 3.0 on it, and it's not classified as a retail full game, but of like a demo. It was only available in full retail Kiosks, such as Walmart, and Best Buy, and was made specifically from...
  10. WereWolfs

    Solved  Gta iv question speed car

    I always wondered i been bored and wanted mess around with the speed car, but is it possible to make the car faster ? Or does it have a limit
  11. BenJGrimm

    Solved  x360 ACE v5 Question for Corona 4GB

    There is not much on these little chips so looking for anyone's input on these for a Corona 4GB - Before I buy. I know v3's are always awesome but wanted something more updated and possibly a better solution now I have looked at a handful of shaky video work and some sentences here and there...
  12. Cellulose

    Solved  Playstation 4 Pro Limited Edition (Jailbreak Question)

    Got a Playstation 4 500 Million Limited Edition today, but the firmware is on 5.55. I want some opinions on what I should do with it. I have a PS4 account with multiple things on it already. I am not sure if I should upgrade and just use it for it's intentional purpose, or wait for a CFW for...
  13. Pximal

    Solved  [Question] Is there any possible way to do locked lobbies or custom match xp games?

    Just wondering if there is anyway to get a locked lobby other than Team Tac or Cage Match, or even a custom xp private match? Not played the game on PS4 since it came out and have no knowledge of the Remastered version.
  14. Retribution

    Discussion  Poll: Does anyone here play State of Decay 2?

    Currently, there isn't any discussion on this site regarding State of Decay 2, and modding it. There aren't really any official modding forums out there regarding mods for this game, as most information that's public is on a discord server. Does anyone think it would be worth it to create a...
  15. A

    Discussion  Question about COD mods

    hello, I don't see the rules for this section, but Ive got a collection of COD cheat engine mods(source files), are we allowed to drop them here? thanks, arms04
  16. A

    Solved  Question about Halo Mod Menu

    Hello, I've been researching on GTA & COD mod menu's. I am thinking of making one, but I am not sure if there are people who would want it? Let me know if Im just wasting my time or if this game series is to dead for me to make one? thanks arms04
  17. K

    Old time booster - Question

    Yo whats going on, just had a quick question regarding Black ops 4 boosting... I use to boost all the way back to WAW through to MW3 on BHL and havent done since.. Is boosting on this still the same as back in the day? Domination boosting, cap home flag then trade B flag??
  18. A

    Solved  Question - New RGH User

    Hey, I'm new to go online with my RGH, just started today actually lol I'm using XB -online for stealth, and it comes with an offhost cheater and a on host cheater, but I also have a TU8 default_mp menu but for some reason when I'm using XB-online the TU8 menu won't open, any reason why? The...
  19. A

    Question  XK3Y USB Replacement?

    I hope this is the correct place to ask this but I had an XK3Y since I was 14. My XK3Y 360 has been in my closet for a few years and I decided to play some old games again today. I took it out of a storage container and I noticed that the USB dongle was completely broken. I looked online and I...
  20. O

    Solved  RIP Uncle Mo

    So now the Lester glitch is kaput I hope to see a lot of sweet cars cruising about but a thing I noticed one time I was doing it was that I had a white bar above my head that has never shown for me since launch day does anyone have a scooby what it is...? it looked like a solid white health bar...
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