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  1. S

    Question  Pico Flasher not recognized by J-Runner

    Hello all! I appreciate any advice you can provide. First off, I'm new to RGH3 and 360 modding overall, so it is entirely possible I'm doing something wrong. I completed my RGH3 wiring, and connected my pico which I flashed with v3 of pico flasher, however J-Runner does not see it when...
  2. O

    Question  Transfer Logo

    I have found some logos on a sweater i would, like to transfer those logos to another outfit. The methods ive seen on youtube or reddit dont work anymore. is there a way i could transfer the logos or is it patched
  3. TheCashverest

    Discussion  How do i lag switch with UDP unicorn in fortnite PC? Or any PC Shooter.

    I just wanna know how to use UDP Unicorn or a different software to lag switch in PC Shooter games. I probably won't use it much but I still wanna know.
  4. P

    Question  Are PS4 cod infections possible via R2R?

    I remember back in cod waw days, use to use r2r menus which essentially means you system link between your rgh/jtag with your regular Xbox 360 and infect yourself with a menu. Is this possible with ps4 or even Xbox one?
  5. 4

    Question  Need help using both mw2 and mw3 shake package

    Both the folders with the sprx files that go into tmp are Both named "Shake" and you have to put the whole folder in tmp you cant take out the files and put the in tmp like other menus without the Shake folder and if i change the name the menu wont work, is there anyway i can have the two...
  6. Absurv23

    Question  BEFF Not working xbox one

    So this happened last time i did beff to get the colored bps but this time its worse, basically the beff glitch works for a little while no probs money saves perfectly and deluxos do too but now all of a sudden my c1 once lagged just says "unable to connect to r* servers saving failed". im using...
  7. GloriuzReytem

    Question  [Question] how to put rgloader devkit on xbox 360 with rgh 3

    Hola a todos. mi pregunta es: como instalo nad 17559 con RGloader devkit en la consola xbox 360 con rgh 3 He visto tutoriales pero son para rgh2. alguien salve si puede en rgh3. Lo siento si estoy publicando en el lugar equivocado en el foro y mi inglés no es nativo.
  8. X

    Discussion  PS4 Reset in Prep for Modding

    Howdy fellas, I am about to get my hands on a buddies older and un updated ps4 that's pre 9.00 ready to be modded. My concern is that I want to wipe it so I can put my own fresh account on there, hpwever Im unsure on how to properly factory reset a ps4 without having it jump to a new update. Is...
  9. skew78

    Discussion  What if I get banned

    Hi all I recently bought and installed GTA 5 on rockstar social club. I've been playing on ps4, and if I get banned on ps4, i just need to create another psn account and play gta again. But how does it works in PC ? Do I need to buy the game again ? Is there a method to bypass the third ban ? I...
  10. StoogeZCustomZ

    Question  Having Issues with the Ifruit Emulator (HELP)

    Currently trying to use the Ifruit Emulator to take BP's off of some of my stance-able vehicles. It worked for a awhile then out of no where it wont send orders through, I've deleted some plates thinking possibly Max capacity for them. I've restarted GTA, my computer. I have no idea what to do...
  11. M

    Solved  Question about dupes

    For duping I’m using a method with terrorbyte and getting it impounded. Do I replace the custom plate on the original car or the super car?
  12. Theonlygame0

    Solved  I have a question could you do the casino heist in a invite only lobby

    I have a question could you do the casino heist in a invite only lobby
  13. G

    Solved  Can you mod the xbox one through recovery mode?

    So I accidentally booted my xbox one into some troubleshoot recovery mode, and I saw that there was on option to do an offline system update through a usb stick. I was wondering is there a way to trick the xbox into updating and booting into a custom firmware. Please let me know if there is...
  14. lllIlIIlllIIIlII

    Solved  Looking For RP Save method

    I’ve heard there’s a rp save method on Reddit, but can’t find it anywhere so I’m hoping someone can reply with the method.
  15. J

    Discussion  What's your favorite video game you've been playing?

    Lately I've been playing Transistor which is pretty amazing - I would give it GOTY for the refreshing gameplay experience. I played some Always Sometimes Monsters which was pretty terrible to be perfectly honest - it felt like a horrible cheap shot RPG that punishes every choice you make...
  16. skew78

    Solved  What are the Differences between UK, US and French PSN accounts?

    Hi all, Do you know what are the main differences between us, uk and french psn accounts. What can we do, or can't we do for each region ? For example, if i create an us psn, can i play with it in france ? In england ? Same for french or uk account ? Can i play with them in uk or us ? are there...
  17. Commander_Cj

    Solved  Is it possible to remove the Lifeguard Granger's livery or surfing board?

    How can we remove the Livery & Surfing Board on the Lifeguard using the current Benny's Merge glitch? For those who doesn't know, if you merge the Lifeguard with a car with a different color, the color will not change. Only the wheels. Because it has a yellow livery surrounding all of it...
  18. nikooo11

    Question  Getting Banned on Xbox 360

    So I am very new to modding the Xbox 360 and I was wondering how to avoid getting banned. Do you get banned for using mod menus or simply having an RGH/Jtagged Xbox? If I were to not use mod menus but have a rgh Xbox online could I still get banned? Also, when I get banned and have to buy new...
  19. J

    Solved  Cleaning Dirty Dupes

    hi, I’m new to the whole entire duping/glitching community. And with this lack of experience came some mistakes such as accidentally selling the original car. Currently I am stuck with 7 duped Thrax’s and 3 duped Vigilante’s all dirty. I put a custom plate on 2/3 Vigilantes but nothing happened...
  20. C

    Solved  Vehicle Sell Limit Bypass Methods?

    Hello, I've been using a bypass method to sell my duped cars without limit. I shared this method on another thread before, so to save myself some time from explaining it, here's a quote: Recently my method has been sorta patched. They removed the sign out option altogether from the Social Club...
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