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    Unsolved How do i make a Vita Memory Card USB adaptor?

    I have an official Sony PS Vita 64gb Pro Dou M2 Memory whatever the name is for these things. But the problem is that it has failed on me. I had a lot of games installed on this memory card and now the Vita does not detect it and recovery mode is unable to format it. I tried another Vita same...
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    Discussion Did I Just Destroy a Rare PS Vita?

    I sure feel like I did. I have been in the market for a PS vita since they came out, but time and time again I hesitated to buy one. Today I bought my first PS Vita, and I kinda also destroyed something that could have been collected. Screw it... HENKAKU! Meet The First Edition PS Vita Bundle...
  3. Save up to 50% with PS Store’s Mid-Year Sale

    Save up to 50% with PS Store’s Mid-Year Sale

    It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through 2017. We know time flies when you’re having fun, so we’re excited to announce TWO weeks of deals with PlayStation Store’s annual Mid-Year Sale. Starting right now, save up to 50% on a huge lineup of games and movies. PS Plus members save up to...
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    Discussion I want to mod a PSP/VITA

    I have a few questions about modding since my old PSP, which as modded by a friend of a friend has officially died on me (bloated battery and can't hold a charge on the adapter). I am not really planning on using it for PSP games except for on occasions, more for GBA and such. Questions (and I...
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