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    Gamesaves  Resident Evil 2 - Complete Platinum Save Set [CUSA09171] (EU) - Remake 2019

    The trophies are laid out in a natural progressive order, so they look completely legitimate. Remember take breaks in-between so they look sort-of "legitimate" also some trophies are not included you need to play the game at least 1 time. Remember that while you can transfer every numbered...
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    Solved  A20 Wireless Headset PS4 Issues

    Currently at a complete loss for an explanation. I just bought some wireless A20 Astros just a few weeks back. They worked great the first week I used them no issues at all. I went on vacation for two weeks and came back. (All power to everything on my gaming setup was shut off). I get back...
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    Tutorial  Call of Duty Cold War BOOSTING NOW

    CALL OF DUTY COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER BOOSTING NOW!! 1620254771 Drop your @ts below
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    Solved  Is there a way to convert the .bin files/Ps4 world saves from the Minecraft PS4 World Bedrock Edition to PC ?

    So I was wondering recently if there was a way where we could convert out PS4 Bedrock Worlds to PC via USB and 'without using Realms' After watching many videos I went to upload my saved data from my PS4 Bedrock world to my USB storage device, and I tried opening the .bin file through the...
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    Looking for someone who knows a way to boost To unlock Cold War camos drop ur Activision adds below on all day and night let me know
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    Unsolved  Last of us 2 game save not being recognised

    I played last of us 2 and had a save file on ps4 and ready on my usb ready when needed. I’ve moved the save file onto my ps5 but last of us won’t recognise it. Just keeps prompting for me to start a new game. Last of us 2 is game shared I might add. How will I get the game to recognise my save...
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    Discussion  mike Myers

    Got 3 people already trying get another 4 if your wanting join add xDzhayz for PSN or activison xDzhayz6613058
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    Gamesaves  Generation Zero Save files, mods, support, anything.

    Hello I am wondering if anyone with some smarts can help me mod my gen zero save. i have tried doing it on my own with deca gui hex editor but cant get it to work. I can give you my save . Thank you in advance! Also if you have a modded save I can resign it to my profile.
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    Patched  Solo Money Glitch Very Easy Ps4, Ps5, Xbox

    Requirements: 1: Apc in night club service entrance (im being told it can be done anywhere by a good source, i have just had no luck anywhere else) 2: Night club (again im being told it can be done anywhere by a good source, i have just had no luck anywhere else) 3: Moc w/personal vehicle...
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    Tutorial  Black Ops Cold War HC DOM BOOSTING PC/PS/XBOX

    Requirements: * 2 controllers * discord * preferably 2 console, as I have 2 PC's Don't waste people's time we're boosting and all have the same goal ? Add PC account Leila#11666 ready to go whenever we boost in full games not rounds, if you care about your stats just farm them back up...
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    Discovery  Ulimated Xp Glitch Kinda

    I dont know if its something going on in the game currently but i have had my dark aether glitched where it gives me 2 everytime i completed on set ive known about it doing this and ive got two accounts which it also happened to but it gave me dark aether fully. I have only done 3-4 sets...
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    Hardware Mods  Looking for money drop ps4 username is Melladkhan

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    Patched  How to UNLOCK ANY CHALLENGE in CUSTOM GAMES on Black Ops Cold War! (Cold War Bot Lobby Glitch)

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to Unlock Challenges in Custom Games on Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer! Steps : • First of all, you're going to need a friend for this glitch • Your friend is gonna need to go to Custom Games & set up a gamemode with all the rules you want • Then...
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    Can anyone help me unlock woods?

    I’ve been trying since the game came out and either I get sweats or kills don’t count. Can anyone help me unlock him? All I need.
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    Working  How to GET CUSTOM MUTATIONS on Black Ops Cold War Zombies! (Cold War Glitch)

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to get Custom Mutations on Black Ops Cold War Zombies! Steps : • First of all, go to Multiplayer / Custom Games / Edit Game Rules / Settings • Then, a friend will need to send you 2 invites in a Multiplayer Custom Game • Accept the invite and...
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    Psn is COLORHEARTBLOOM. Looking for 2 more people who have 2 consoles, 4 accounts total. Do not reply if you only have 1 console or less than 4 accounts. I’m down to grind all day and just grind for camos till after midnight. If you are someone who is down please reply or invite me. MIC...
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    Discussion  After 4 years I finally released my PVP Sports-Brawler! HyperBrawl Tournament!

    Hey Guys, I'm Luke, an artist at Milky Tea Studios, a Liverpool UK based indie studio, and I'm super hyped to say that after 4 long years of blood, sweat, tears and pizza, I finally released HyperBrawl Tournament (to give you an idea of the game, some have described it as Rocket League meets...
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    Unsolved  My player moving alone

    Hello, i need help! In call of duty mw something get wrong. My player moving alone to the left. I thought that it was my controller and i get new one(scuf controller) but i have the same thing. I tried everything. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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  20. AFK Capture partners.

    AFK Capture partners.

    Meet Players to go AFK with. Feel free to post Gamertags/PSNs/Social Club IDs.
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