1. M

    Unsolved  Modding GTA 5 Ps4 Accounts

    Yo, I see some people on IG selling accounts n stuff, but some people or even sites for example are offering services like Rank boost to 8000, adding fast run, modded KD (Negative KD) or the Dunce Hat saved on modded fits, but how is this possible? I have asked someone who does this...
  2. Lilzay97

    All  Newbie

    Hello guys I'm Pepper I'm 26 looking for new friends to play online with. Don't hesitate to message me I'm super bored..
  3. wu TANG lan


    I currently have a clean player that was badsport commending my badsport (main account) this will take a bit to complete... if anyone else is in badsport and seeking commends to help get out earlier... hmu and we can work a deal. Really love to get the party bus... tonight only... its 10:52pm (MST)
  4. O

    Unsolved  PS4 Jailbreak question regarding online

    This dude on reddit keeps saying that you can jailbreak a PS4 and still connect it to PSN despite the firmware being outdated Is there some glitch I missed? Different way to jailbreak? Is it possible to actually fool the certification to modify packets? How could they modify server packets if...
  5. wmp

    Tools  PS4 Management Tool (C# Source) Not Finished Make It Your Own

    System Management Tool for PS4 This tool is unfinished needs more added to it, do what you please carry it on or just scrap it and use the UI designed for one of your projects. Bunifu UI used if you don't have it installed here is the thread I made on it: Bunifu (Full + Tut) Download Source...
  6. GTAStorm

    Solved  Hi, how do I bring outfits I created on my PC GTA V to Xbox One?

    I would like to bring my 10 outfits that I created a while ago on GTA V PC version to Xbox One or PS4, if there is a way let me know I would appreciate it, since they are outfits that I have no way to make them on consoles anymore ...
  7. DIA_YT

    Patched  [WORKAROUND] Car To Customer-Car (with Snackbar)

    Requirements: - Bunker - Autoshop - Donor Car Steps - Go to a private lobby, then go to the bunker once and then to the mod shop - Go to the donor car and drive it to the workshop - Change something on the donor car and leave the workshop - Now go to the "Snackbar" and press the right arrow...
  8. Merge-Glitch / Very Easy / Car2Motorcycle

    Merge-Glitch / Very Easy / Car2Motorcycle

    What you need: - donor vehicle - motorcycle club - Bikes/motorcycles
  9. D

    Unsolved  Ps4 Back up

    I bought an SSD of 1t and Before I switched, I wanted to back up but Every time I try to back up it almost finishes and then a minute before finishing it fails and shows CE-30013-7 error I tried a few times and also checked the flash drive and it works just fine on a computer I also tried to...

    Game Mods  Diablo 3 Modded Character Sets PS4 /PS5

    Anyone interested in add me PSN : BigBangBungSHOW Non Seasonal Diablo 3 , hard core and normal Diablo 3 Modded Character Sets , borderlands 3 , Dying light Diablo 3 Mods & Modded Items,PS4 and PS5 ONLY(Playstation). Reaper of Souls Mods for all classes including Monk, Wizard, Necromancer...
  11. r/Black Ops 4 Zombies

    r/Black Ops 4 Zombies

    add AbbiesSimp#0948 on discord to join the group to LFG for zombies
  12. ayaon1x

    Unsolved  there is any Godmode at Deathmatch? GTA 5 Online PS4

    hi, i want to know if there is any godmode where i can use at deathmatches, captures, survivals etc.. I heard there is one method but never saw a tutorial. also never saw any poll or discussion here about this aswell.. thk you
  13. SnotNosedJohnny

    Solved  Help with ps4 motherboard and hard drive

    I have a ps4 that I broke the power supply to and It hasn't been updated past 9.00 fw and I want to know if I can take the mother board out and the hard drive as a pair and put it into another ps4??? Will it work or will I completely f*** everything up. Please help. Haven't had any replies to my...
  14. SnotNosedJohnny

    Unsolved  How do i prevent an auto update with a used ps4?

    I have my brothers old ps4 that hasnt been updated past 9.00 but I'm afraid when I turn it on it'll auto update to the latest 9.60. Will I be okay since it'll be new to my wifi at my house and I'd still have to connect it? I know that when I do start the whole process of jailbreaking it I have...
  15. X

    Discussion  PS4 Reset in Prep for Modding

    Howdy fellas, I am about to get my hands on a buddies older and un updated ps4 that's pre 9.00 ready to be modded. My concern is that I want to wipe it so I can put my own fresh account on there, hpwever Im unsure on how to properly factory reset a ps4 without having it jump to a new update. Is...
  16. rvanwinkle312

    Support  How to Safe Fast Create New Modded Accounts from scratch - 2 consoles/save wizard -

    Using 2 ps4s and save wiz. What's my best route to make new modded accounts full of money property and deluxos using frozen money and beff....?? I screwed myself by not checking if a dupe was clean so therefore that free 14 day paypal/psn account is in the perma 1 car a day club.. I don't want...
  17. simplejack372372

    Unsolved  need help with game dumper

    I am new to ps4 modding and jailbreaking, I recently started dumping my games to become fake packages. But when I tried to dump Cyberpunk 2077 the dump got frozen on 88%. Even after restarting and doing a full restart as soon as I try again, it starts at 88%, but when I try to copy a different...
  18. UndeadMax

    Game Mods  Boosting bo3

    I need someone that boosting me on bo3 (only ps4)
  19. T

    Discussion  Modern warfare 2 on PS4

    Hi guys I’m a noob here but I’m one of the mw2 veterans looking to relive my youth and play it all again. I have tried my Xbox 360 but I can’t get into any lobby’s (one that isn’t a hacked lobby). Is there any way I can do this on my PS4 now or is it all over? Thanks.
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