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    Lokking for a lobby to get nuke on ps4

    Simply looking to drop a nuke :/
  2. G

    Working Transfer Special T-shirt logos on to sweater

    *I am the founder of this certain method of this method.* NOTE: Not all special t-shirts will work. If they are special tops that are a black or a white t-shirt, then the logo will transfer. But I am sure that other special tops might work and even the old t-shirts from the Independence DLC You...
  3. P

    PS4 Solo oppressor MK2 duplication

    Oppressor MK2 duplication
  4. B

    (PS4 & XBOX) Locked Lobby 200+ Kills Per Lobby

    Requirements - Must have 2 controllers - Mic - Discord Add Discord: <-Click
  5. M

    Tutorial Ground war nuke boosting

    Need 3 ppl to help boost for nuke calling card will be rotating so everyone can get it.
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    Blood of the Dead + easter egg

    I'm looking for someone to do Blood of the Dead + easter egg in zombies in bo4, on ps4
  7. B

    Solved Lifeguard sirens turned on. Inside garage . Playstation 4 gta 50

    Hello guys . I need your help. I think i remeber a merge where you could get the sirens turned on all the time. On your lifeguard . Anyone know how to do it ? I think merge with panto, but cant remember 😕
  8. R

    Solved Duped Issi sell price DOUBLED!

    Will post a screenshot shortly for proof. Not sure how it happened, was just doing hooker dupe with friend and noticed this issi will sell for 3.8mi! Anyone else ever have something like this happen?
  9. C

    All EASY SEMI SOLO GTA 5 Car Duplication Money Glitch! (GTA 5 Online Money Glitch)

    Requirements: 10 car garage with a fagio in it, another 10 car garage with a free elegy in it.. so the cars have to be in different garages.. also have the car you want to duplicate in a casino penthouse or a facility, or a arcade.. or a arena workshop.. any of thoes work Heres a video on it:
  10. R

    Hosting PS4 Damascus Camo, Max Rank, All Challenges lobby -24 hours

    Send a message and friend request to rSleeqy on PS4 for an invite. Be patient and youll get an invite. 24 hours starting now
  11. M

    Nuke Calling Card Boost

    Hi, Does anyone want to boost together for the nuke calling card? PS4 only please because game chat is pretty ****. It’ll probably be first come first served.
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    Hosting Max Rank, Challenges, and Damascus Lobby for the next 24 hours

    Send a message and friend request to rsleeqy on ps4 for an invite. be patient please, youll get an invite
  13. D

    Discussion Can someone nab this 3d model of Pogo the Monkey so I can print it?

    I want to print this about 12"-18" If I can get it to look nice enough I'd like to mold and cast it for fun. Can anyone nab it for me? If you can see the picture it's the one inside the arcade office.
  14. I

    MW CDL challengers league team looking for 2 more.

    Serious inquiries only. Pay based on performance and wins. PS only. Message iiM_Gerble on PsN for info
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    Discovery Weird glitch

    So I was in my arena doing merges when someone used me for a teleport glitch. thing is somehow despite being in separate lobbies, I managed to get the "your party has started a job" alert. And because I was running, i accepted both that alert and the different targeting mode alert. result being...
  16. I


    Need 2 Controllers and Mic add me Destroyed#3117554 or drop your activision account
  17. K

    Solved Facility Buy and Sell Glitch

    Good evening, i looked alot around and found on a Market an Offer that he Money Boost with Facilitys, the only thing he need is 200k $ on the Account for let the Glitch work. Did someone know which Money Glitch this is? Sorry this is my first time on a Forum like this. greetz Krautter
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    Working Helicopter GODMODE 2 player more consistent method different from the solo method

    FOUNDER CELESTIALGAMINGHD Helicopter godmode 2 player more consistent method, this is not the same as the solo method. Requirements Casino penthouse or office Buzzard or Savage in Pegasus Friend in job hit the Apex casino parking lot same lobby. Steps: 1.get in a Savage or any helicopter...
  19. L

    Solved Help modded creator

    wanted to know if anyone knew any glitch or method of using modded props in ps4 creator mode, wanted to put spaceship among others ...
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    Nuke calling card

    Reply you activision ID or add me Jake#5450477
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