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    How Do You Make Infections for Black ops 2 using an rtm tool?

    I'm wondering how to make infections for black ops 2 using an rtm tool and what rtm tool should i use to do it? Im on 4.82.2 D-Rex Ccapi 2.80 Could someone link me to an rtm tool or a video on how to make an injection for bo2?
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    Unsolved  MW3 Connection Issue

    So I recently started to play mw3 again and I’m getting this problem where every time I try to load into a game it kicks me and says “Connection with Activision servers has been interrupted” I’m getting really frustrated and i don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to disable theater recordings and...
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    Unsolved  New to modding, need help understanding

    hi all, I've gotten fed up looking for useless tutorials on this stuff so I figured to finally start posting here. I've just recently jailbroke my PS3 with rebug CEX and I do have multiman installed, I was wondering what the process is to get a mod menu installed? and if there already is a very...
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    Solved  Call of duty waw: a modder hacked my profile

    Hello everyone, google brought me here. TLdr, a modder deranked me, i lost my rank 25, now i am stuck with rank 1 and -2 billion xp. My game now is rarely able to find lobbies unlike before where it was everytime i wanted to play. Also when i kill an enemy now, i get a red error -9.99999+06...
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    Unsolved  Error: No Applicable Update Data Was Found (PLSS HELP!!)

    Hey guys, so i purchased a jailbroken ps3 a while back, it worked great, however I was doing something that made the OS go corrupt, so Im trying to reinstall the OS via Safe mode with a flash drive, however when I attempt, it gives me the error in the title. Ive researched this error for the...
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    Unsolved  How do I start modding PS3?

    Hey. I want to start modding my PS3 but I don't know where to start. Every time I start researching something I discover something new. I want to start with offline modding. - (Specifically bo2 private or custom game) And is there a way to download and play offline PS3 games that I don't...
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    Unsolved  Lag issues..

    Hi guys.. i just dusted of my PS3 and played some games.. i am aware that is not easy to find games.. but when i do.. i lag alot.. i never have any issues playing online on my PS4. I use an ethernet cable. I'm wondering if there is a solution for this.. and so i would like to know.. Thanks in...
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    Working  TOW TRUCK ONLINE+Store Capture and Mission Vehicles+Money Glitch

    MAJOR UPDATE - This glitch using creator steps with airstrike allows you to bring TOW TRUCK ONLINE! I haven't played in awhile but still browse forum. Saw this patched glitch from notifications and it stuck out -...
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    Unsolved  How's the GTA Online Playability in 2019?

    Hi everyone, I've been modding off and on for several years. I really enjoyed modding cars, doing recoveries, and basically just doing fun things to make the experience for other players fun (like teleporting friends to neat locations on the map). Late last year, I was going to return to...
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    Unsolved  Got a free ps3 slim. What are the best mods?

    I mod n64 and snes jr consoles and my friend said he was going to throw his ps3 away so if I wanted to try modding it I could have it. What are the best mods I can install and what are ones to avoid completely? I’m comfortable with soldering and have a hot air work station so I could most...
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    Unsolved  PS3 Debug into Retail?

    Hi all, new here! I have a PS3 DEX console (DECHA00A) on OFW DEX Firmware 3.50. I've seen a lot of tutorials about converting RETAIL units from CEX to DEX and then back again using REBUG toolbox but I've found nothing regarding a real DEX unit. Is there any way to convert it to use CEX OFW...
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    Unsolved  How can you add your own sco. Mod menus on the PS3?

    Hello I still play and mod around gta tbogt and tlad even if it’s very hard to come by to see any players these days. Maybe it’s the same method as for gta v. But how can I add my own sco. mod menu into my PS3 CFW Mod menu? I have a script and network.img files both are modded and work fine...
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    Looking For Someone To Record/Test (Necessity)

    Hello everyone at Se7ensins. I was wondering if anyone would be interested at recording my menu. I really need someone too. I also need a tester. My menu is finished but i do wanna still fix bugs and what not maybe add more stuff. Idk yet. And just to prove it's not a typical run of the mill...
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    Unsolved  PS3 FAT32 filesize

    SO I inherited a PS3 and thats great - except i cant buy any games (I live in Bali). I downloaded some, and they seem OK - but I have a version of GranTurismo that I wanna play. But, oe of the files is 14GB and you cant have 14GB on a FAT32 system..... how can I put it on the PS3 (yes I have...
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    Unsolved  How do I (it is it even possible to) jailbreak ps3 cech 2501b version 4.84

    I just purchased a ps3 version 4.84 cech 2501B and have been trying to find a way to jailbreak it. I think of myself as somewhat tech savvy, but don't have any experience with anything of this sort. Google hasn't helped much, except to link me here, so hopefully someone can help.
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    Unsolved  Is it safe to return ofw ?

    Hi, I recently jailbroken my ps3 using exploits to CFW 4.82 rebug . How do I go back to OFW ? Is it safe to just update from ps3 internet ? Do a I need to do something expecific ? (Please ,I dont want online services on cfw , i just want to return to OFW )
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    Unsolved  Delete Bots script for GSC Studio??

    Is it possible to add a delete bots script to black ops 2 GSC Studio? heres the code i have so far. DelBot(){ id(self isHost()){ self thread DeleteBots(); self iprintln("^2All Bots Deleted"); } } DeleteBots(){ } which is the same as the spawn bots code below but im...
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    Mod Menu  CrazyXV 1.0 Mod Menu | COMING SOON!!

    I am working on a new Mod Menu for Black Ops 2! The CrazyXV1 Menu will be THE MOST feature filled Mod Menu available on every platform. Think about a GSC Mod Menu for Xbox, PS3, and PC. Packed with every type of possible mod, and hack. A new age of Mod Menu has come about in the Modding...
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    Unsolved  Black Ops 2 GSC Studio returning errors.

    I am encountering an error i cannot fix. I've deleted the portion of the code with the error but it still throws the error at the end of the code. So i tried to comment it out still threw an error, i even went as far as commenting the piece of code out line by line, and the error still persists...
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