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    Hosting Purple Kush V4

    Hosting Purple Kush add me JackM2004
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    Unsolved  Ps3 error code!! Help needed!!!

    Cannot start. Appropriate system storage not found" error on ps3!! Help anyone???!!!
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    [PS3] Cod 4 Mod Menu Lobby Free Admin + challange lobby

    how to get in Add My Online ID ---->ThatLegitSavage<----- see u there
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    Unsolved  How to edit PS3 MPDATA

    Greetings from the leaderboards, I have been thoroughly examining ghosts saves for PS3 and can't seem to figure out how to add teeth or anything valuable to my offline extinction profile. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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    Solved  Multiple mod menues GTA5

    Anyone running more than one menu, and by that I mean by menus made by different people?
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    Unsolved  SPRX & EBOOT not working (4.81 DEX PS3)

    I have a REBUG 4.81.2 DEX PS3, but when I install mods for MW2 via FileZilla, nothing happens in-game. EBOOT gets installed in "/dev_hdd0/game/BLES00683/USRDIR" SPRX file gets installed in "/dev_hdd0/tmp" I have even changed the region from North America to UK, thinking it was to do with...
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    Unsolved  Put NES ROMs on jailbroke PS3 via USB

    I need to know the process of transferring NES roms from an external hdd to my ps3. I just had my ps3 Jailbroke a few days ago so I still have some learning to do with it. I have looked at a few videos on how to do so but they are using much faster computers with filezilla in which I do not...
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    MW2 Modded Lobbies (PS3)

    PSN ID - zSeannMoDz Either Join My Session Or Send Me A Message For Invite :smile:
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    Patched  female outfit

    Female checkerboard outfit for ps3 gta First character female Second character male 1.Start in public lobby and swap character to male 2.go to clothes store and save your choice of outfits Hat. black canvas hat Top. untucked black shirt=camisole top Add black sport jacket for tanktop...
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    Solved  How to play 1.11 online USB?

    is it possible to bypass patch 1.14 for online usb? so I can play with friends.
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    Solved  Some help with two emualtor setups

    The rom browsers in gba360 and snes360 do not even show a list of the roms. I have placed the proper roms for each emulator and with each proper file extension in the rom folders. I've had both emulators placed on hdd1 and usb0 with the filepath set in aurora but i still cannot see any roms...
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    modded lobby WAW PS3

    Modded lobby call of duty world at war french modded lobby PSN : OZzy_war-YT
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