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  1. IgFilmsV2

    Tools  Create hdd region PS3 Exploit

    #!/bin/sh # # Copyright (C) 2011 glevand ([email protected]) # All rights reserved. # # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by # the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License. # #...
  2. K

    Question  Error 80010009 on ps3

    On my ps3 when I try to open some homebrew apps I get. An error occurred during the start operation. (80010009) Can anyone help?
  3. H

    Question  Can someone please de rank me on world at war (PS3)?

    So I play world at war regularly on PS3. A couple of years back, a modder joined a lobby I was in and upgraded me to max prestige which froze my ability to unlock weapon attachments. Please could anyone who has a mod menu installed be so kind as to invite me to a game and fix my issue? It has...
  4. Dehz

    PS3 | FREE | Multi-COD | Unlock All | Mod Menu |Frozen Class Fix | Infections | Mod Menu | Fun Lobbies! | OPEN

    HELLO EVERYONE! AND WELCOME TO DEHZ'S MULTICOD MODDING SERVICES Click Spoiler to Add RED = Offline :arghh: Green = Online :wink: I will be hosting mods for free on the following games, just add me. PROOF BELOW:
  5. K

    Discussion  Derank me pls

    I’m hoping a kind soul on here could derank me to like lvl 5 on mw2 ps3. Would be greatly appreciated.
  6. LordVirusXeX

    Tools  BetterCraft Minecraft PS3 RTM / RTE Tool (TMAPI / CCAPI / PS3MAPI) (CFW / HEN)

    This is the release of my Minecraft 'BetterCraft' RTM tool. Open Source Release Feel free to build this from the public source code if you don't trust it. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/18fcb38cec79e4394c46797bb176a4593bee857d86f65f7e61bc01cb0bbabf2c // 1 False positive.
  7. wmp

    Tools  Code Browser GSC Functions - (MW, MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2) + Source

    Video of Tool: Virus Test: Test Source Code: Source Tool: Code Browser Menu Bases including (MW,MW2,BO1,BO2,BO3,MW3,W@W) GSC Functions Aimbots DVAR Dumps Models Visions Shaders Weapons Camos RAW File Dumps Offsets Commands
  8. Q

    Solved  how to record on a jailbroken ps3 without capture card

    hello i want to record on my jailbroken ps3 but i dont have a capture card can i record on my ps3 without capture card. My ps3 version is 4.89 and the jailbreak is ps3hen sorry for my english pls help
  9. C

    Discussion  Bo3 zombies ps3

    I have never completed a zombies main story/Easter egg (whatever you Call it) and the only maps I want to do it on is shadows of evil or der eisendrache on bo3 and I want/need help or want to be atleast told the Easter egg steps
  10. Q

    Support  (NEEDED) PS3 GTA IV common.rpf bypass

    So iv been looking for a bypassd common.rpf for GTA IV (NOT EFLC) FOR PS3 but I never find it bc every one that have it says its priv and the old posts about it with the link the link be not working so please if any one have it can i have the link ?
  11. SuleMareVientu

    Tutorial  GTA:V/GTA:IV/RDR Texture modding tutorial for PS3 & Xbox 360

    GTA V RPF editing > LibertyV (use latest version) GTA IV RPF editing > OpenIV (use version 0.9.202) GTA IV IMG editing > SparkIV Remember that you can't change the size/format of a texture! Get the required tools (Virus Scan) You'll need to find GTAIV.exe by yourself, just google it Get...
  12. ohhsodead

    Tools  Arisen Studio - Browse, Download and Install Mods for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

    The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. Arisen Studio allows you to easily browse through a regularly updated database of mods, game saves, homebrew, resources, themes, and much more for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. All mods have been tested and verified in our library, which is...
  13. iandertale

    Question  BD-ROM emulator won't show in the multiman options

    i'm trying to play sonic generations and everytime i launch it, it goes to the normal ps3 homescreen i've seen tutorials saying that i need to enable BD-ROM emulator on multoman, but it wont show! im using a ps3 slim if that helps
  14. R

    Question  Is there a way to convert Xbox 360 saves to PS3?

    If no, I'm sure you could Convert a Xbox 360 save to PC, then convert it to PS3. If anybody could offer info and/or advice let me know.
  15. James Reborn

    Mod Menu  Custom Menu / Episodes From Liberty City (Region : NPEB00907)

    Today I will be releasing something that will help developers for GTA IV EFLC. This Menu only fully works on Episodes From Liberty City (Region : NPEB00907) Picture : Video : Download Virus Scan Contacts : Discord Twitter
  16. Gipediotis16

    Question  Help finding this mod menu xD4I2K SIVIOKEx's v4

    can someone provide me a link for this mod menu i cant seem to find it its an old one thats why i cant find it but if someone still has the files pls do reply on this post thank you.
  17. D

    Question  How to change GTA IV weapon damage on PS3?

    I've been trying to change the base damage values for weapons in GTA IV. Editing the weaponinfo.xml just causes a looping loading screen. Is there any other way to change the base weapon damage?
  18. COST507

    Discussion  I have problime in multiuman CFW Evlint , i can't start my games on multiman.

    If i start the game i can't find it on the XMB or homebreow like a disc icon , and i am on CFW 4.88 and this is my first time tring CFW , plz help.
  19. klzuee

    Discussion  Permanent Ban

    i just found my ps3 in dust, wanting to play gta v online. i was banned permanently i haven’t touched my ps3 in 4 years. I’ve created new psn accounts and changed my cid multiple times and i’m still permanently banned, anyone know why?
  20. Nigel

    Question  anyway to edit red dead save data? is jailbreaking a ps3 still possible?

    I havent tried to edit saves or anything like that since the modio horizon days. Is there a way to edit your ps3 saves like red dead to help with the trophies etc? Is jailbreaking a ps3 still possible? I have an extra ps3 collecting dust and I always wanted to jailbreak it back in the day. Any...
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