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    Unsolved Does replacing the RSX chip on the PS3 make a difference?

    Hi my launch PS3 Red Lights on some games even though it’s reballed. So i’m wondering if ordering the RSX Chips from China would fix the issue. I don’t notice any other symptoms the temps are around 55 Degrees Celsius there are no visual glitches like the green artefacts you see with a failing...
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    Unsolved PS3 Phat Cooling upgrades?

    PS3 Phat Cooling upgrades? Is it possible to upgrade the cooling for the phat PS3 for stable temps. I’m talking Vapour Chambers and Water Cooling mods without ruining the look of the system. I would like something like a Vapour Chamber or a Water Cooler that is all internal. The system looks...
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    Unsolved My PS3 gets blinking Red Light on some games?

    My PS3 gets blinking Red Light on some games? I have Launch PS3 it has been Reballed with Leaded solder, Cleaned with new MX4 thermal paste applied, new SSD, Holes Drilled for main fan, Fan Accelerator installed adjusted to 4, 27% fan on webman, APS 227 PSU with new thermal pads placed...
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    Unsolved Ps3 REBUG DEX 48.2 Help! Games not loading

    Hi so i upgraded my jailbroken ps3 to latest rebug aswell as Webman and latest CCAPI. Everything was working great for past 4 weeks but now as soon as i try going on my games folder and click on a game it gives me a alert and reboots my ps3 saying "Checking and restoring file system". Why is...
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    Unsolved Ps3 Bo2 Converting from BLUS to BLES Corrupted Data Problem

    Okay guys so here is the issue, I was trying to convert from blus to bles so I could use the kmz Black Ops 2 ultra loader version 4, but when I try to convert from blus to bles and everything was looking good until I went to load the game from webman to install the bles version it gave me...
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    Unsolved Wiped nand on cecha01

    Yesterday I got this early 2007 cecha01 ps3 with rebug 4.82.2 D-Rex from a friend that messed with It. While trying to install an older version of the ps3 pro mod the ***** erased almost all the folders from dev_blind, so the system was only able to boot into safe mode, He told me that selecting...
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    Unsolved I updated my PS3 while using ode pro and is stucked in the update menu . Any solutions anyone?

    i didn't knew about the fact that I should not update while using ODE . I went on to update my PS3 and it is stuck on the update menu. I tried to go into recovery menu but it won't please anyone help me.
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    Unsolved Ps3 downgrade rogero problem

    So recently just tried to jailbreak my ps3, i went through dumps and have it all backed up to the three folders i have the backup patch file witch was put on the pse with the e3 then i removed the e3 and put the power supply back on. I moved rogero dowgrader file into ps3/update file and put it...
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