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ps3 problems

  1. M

    Question  PS3 FAT CECHG03 40GB

    HELLO ! I recently bought a ps3 fat (CECHG03) from a pawn shop, I didn't pay much attention to the details when I bought it, when I got home I modded it with HFW HEN 4.90 (I can't mod it with cfw because it doesn't have a controller original and I can't access safe mode) I installed webman MOD...
  2. M

    Question  Ps3 Black Screen

    Hello I have a problem with my ps3 jailbreak so I could play with it earlier, etc. but then I wanted to downgrade to 3.55 I have (rogero) and now I can not go online with that anymore I've tried to replace the rco files (I wanted to change the files) then it was so that the ps3 was broken so...
  3. A

    Question  Ps3 Display Problem

    Hey guys, I recently jailbroke my ps3 and when I had put it back together and turned it on, it’s display was really messed up. I never experienced problems with it before and I’m not sure what caused it. I put new thermal paste on and spread it on across the chips with a card. It’s display was...
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