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ps3 - modding

  1. IgFilmsV2

    Homebrew  PS3 Custom Firmware Installation Script

    I wrote this script yes I had GPT explain it for me I write code I'm not a teacher lol Overview This script will automate the process of formatting the fourth partition of the VFLASH storage on PlayStation 3 (PS3) hardware and installs Petitboot with a custom Debian kernel. Users considering...
  2. ClainBill

    Discussion Game Mods PS3 All  What actually are Fast Files (and .gsc's)?

    First of all, this is my first post on this forum so if I'm tagging wrong or something, that's why. But anyways, I started looking at modding COD WaW zombies on my PS3 during lockdown, and recently got back into it after graduating, but I could never actually understand what the .ff files were...
  3. Q

    Support  (NEEDED) PS3 GTA IV common.rpf bypass

    So iv been looking for a bypassd common.rpf for GTA IV (NOT EFLC) FOR PS3 but I never find it bc every one that have it says its priv and the old posts about it with the link the link be not working so please if any one have it can i have the link ?
  4. I

    Question  4.84 Dex console Sprx's not loading?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, the quick rundown is recently downgraded to 4.84 Dex from 4.88 Evilnat specifically to run sprx's.....as far as i can tell no issues im able to get online using rebug BUT i cannot get any sprx menu's to load ive tried everything i can think of watched...
  5. SaphirModz

    Discussion  PS3 Legit Trophy Folder

    Hello I am looking for Legit Trophy files / folders Feel free to link your collection here if you think it is legit There are many buyers & sellers who just want to have trophies but there are also some who would like to stay on top of the trophy leaderboard or would like to stay on the...
  6. D

    Question  Trouble opening CoDWaW PS3 FastFiles ...

    Hi, i'm trying to find a FF Viewer-ish program to open my PS3 CoDWaW mod menus and edit them (and later make my own) but i can't find a single tool that can open any of my PS3 patches, i tried 10 FF viewing/extractor tools and counting, none worked (including 3 different versions of FFViewer)...
  7. I

    Question  GTA V Extortion Problem!

    Hello fellow modders, I have a few questions I’m hoping you all could answer in regards to me trying to mod GTA V. First off I’m have 2 PS3’s both running FERROX 4.87 CEX CFW. One of them is console banned (yet to get a new CID) and the 2nd one gets online fine! Originally back at the...
  8. I

    I need help please

    I got banned on my main acc and now i dont want to start grinding again so i need help with someone modding my acc out im free at any time--Psn:Ipsfer
  9. AggelosCoding


    Hello everyone, I will show you how to go online without the need of updating to 4.87 Please note that this might not be safe as you need HEN enabled the whole time. With that being said, you only need one file and you can go online! You must have Multiman and a FAT32 USB or FileZilla. Lean...
  10. Twf2009

    Question  How do you get a mod menu on call of duty world at war ps3

    Hello, during this covid 19 situation i have jailbroken my old ps3, all I want to do it play call of duty world at war but with a mod menu, I've tried to add a mod menu but everytime I go to load up multiplayer it freezes on the play online and lan party screen, I have even tried to remove the...
  11. R

    Question  New To sprx help need bo2 code for menu!

    I've just started making my own black ops 2 sprx menu. It's a pre lobby menu with an ingame menu also that works and I want to add a recovery section to the pre lobby menu but I just cant seem to figure out how to change the level or prestige by one the offset for level I think is this...
  12. D

    Question  Installed Destiny mod menu on my ps3 and it kinda messed up my game. Help?

    I installed Destiny mod menu and it kinda f-ed my game, I can't manually save the game, it doesn't save automatically, having trouble joining GTA Online, I deleted all game saves from GTA V and installing it again. Will the issue fix itself or do I have to do something else to fix it?
  13. User7834

    Question  Does replacing the RSX chip on the PS3 make a difference?

    Hi my launch PS3 Red Lights on some games even though it’s reballed. So i’m wondering if ordering the RSX Chips from China would fix the issue. I don’t notice any other symptoms the temps are around 55 Degrees Celsius there are no visual glitches like the green artefacts you see with a failing...
  14. User7834

    Question  PS3 Phat Cooling upgrades?

    PS3 Phat Cooling upgrades? Is it possible to upgrade the cooling for the phat PS3 for stable temps. I’m talking Vapour Chambers and Water Cooling mods without ruining the look of the system. I would like something like a Vapour Chamber or a Water Cooler that is all internal. The system looks...
  15. User7834

    Question  What are the average running temps of each PS3 Model? (Launch Model, 80gb, Slim, Super S

    What are the average running temps of each PS3 Model RSX and CPU? (Launch Model, 80gb, Slim, Super Slim) Which stock PS3 runs the coolest? I managed to get my Launch PS3 the 60gb one to run at 55 Degrees Celsius during gameplay which is around 131 in Fahrenheit. It has been Reballed, Rebug...
  16. B

    Question  gta 5 single player mod help

    yeah so i have no idea if my ps3 can be modded or not. its the super slim 400b but im not looking to do anything other then mod on the story mode and f*** around that way. is there anything i can do?im not looking to play these mods online cause my internet sucks just lookin to play something...
  17. T

    MW2 Challenge Lobby | + mod menu | Come join!

    Hello guys and cool that u are here! I am hosting: - Challenge Lobbies - Trickshot Lobbies - Mod menu Lobbies I am using: Supremacy -------------- Open= L1 + Dpad Under Close= Knife Select= Square -------------- Creator: Matrix Price: $15 Follow these steps: 1) Follow my insta @time4modz...
  18. D

    Solved  Question about bans

    I have a mod menu for mw2 that works without jailbreak, but I’m wondering if I use it online discretely will I get banned and if I do would it be my profile or console?
  19. Undead Pride00

    Call of Duty Black Ops Modded Lobby and Zombieland

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombieland Must Have a Mic Don’t be annoying Be 15+ (No squeakers) Have fun and No complaining Add my PSN: Undead__Pride00 All players will have a menu! And gets to play Zombieland! Will do this later today aswell since its so late BTW devs if I need to post proof I...
  20. A

    Question  Cfw bo2 sprx menu not working! Help!

    I have been trying to get mods on my newly jailbroken PS3 for 2 days now. I’ve tried using rtm modding but for some reason, if I try to go online with them, it will never get onto a game. I have recently tried to use non host menus but none of those work either. I tried using Phycosis and...
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