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  1. COST507

    Discussion  I have problime in multiuman CFW Evlint , i can't start my games on multiman.

    If i start the game i can't find it on the XMB or homebreow like a disc icon , and i am on CFW 4.88 and this is my first time tring CFW , plz help.
  2. I

    Unsolved  GTA V Extortion Problem!

    Hello fellow modders, I have a few questions I’m hoping you all could answer in regards to me trying to mod GTA V. First off I’m have 2 PS3’s both running FERROX 4.87 CEX CFW. One of them is console banned (yet to get a new CID) and the 2nd one gets online fine! Originally back at the...
  3. Geddes2305

    Unsolved  Skyrim DLC Download for Jailbroken PS3

    Hi! I have recently jailbroken my PS3 and wanted to learn how to install DLC onto it. I have Skyrim as a disk and want to install the 3 DLCs for it (Heartfire, Dragonborn & Dawnguard). I have tried doing it like this: 1) Downloading the correct PKG files for the game code (BLES01329); 2) Putting...
  4. DxW

    Tutorial  How to unbanned ps3 cfw (less banned chance)

    hi guys this vid shows how u protect ur self from banned like less chance to get banned on ps3 cfw (jailbreak) I hope this vid was helpful. :) its like spy file thats sony knows what ur doing like when u go left they know u go left when u get in multiman they know .... its like that ...
  5. Twf2009

    Unsolved  How do you get a mod menu on call of duty world at war ps3

    Hello, during this covid 19 situation i have jailbroken my old ps3, all I want to do it play call of duty world at war but with a mod menu, I've tried to add a mod menu but everytime I go to load up multiplayer it freezes on the play online and lan party screen, I have even tried to remove the...
  6. R

    Unsolved  New To sprx help need bo2 code for menu!

    I've just started making my own black ops 2 sprx menu. It's a pre lobby menu with an ingame menu also that works and I want to add a recovery section to the pre lobby menu but I just cant seem to figure out how to change the level or prestige by one the offset for level I think is this...
  7. Geddes2305

    Solved  HELP! Jailbroken/Modded Playstation Wont Unjailbreak!

    Hi! I bought this PS3 about a year ago and the guy who I bought it from didn’t tell me until after I bought it that it was jailbroken. Since then I have been trying to unjailbreak it and it hasn’t worked. So I left it a while and when I came back to play on my PS3 its causing me all kinds of...
  8. U

    Unsolved  How would i make a non host SPRX menu for MW2?

    Don't want to be memed, but I really want to learn how to make a MW2 non host sprx menu with auth and everything. i cant find any tutorials on youtube or google, so would anyone like to help me and tell me what programs id need? thanks
  9. HeyImIssa

    Unsolved  Does anyone know how to fix the Black Screen?

    So , I recently was messing around on my CFW (I am on Rebug 4.82.2 D-REX) and I went ahead and re-installed CCAPI 2.80 R5 . However , when the reboot was done , I had a black screen . I tried turning my PS3 off but that didn’t work , or changing my HDMI wires and Ports 3 times didn’t . Safe mode...
  10. Kaptain Kommando

    Unsolved  CFW and mmCM upgrade advice

    Hi Everyone, I'm a casual PC gamer but I recently bought a PS3 with CFW installed. Technical details are: PS3 Model No. CECH2002A System Software 4.82 [SC-35 | PL3] mmCM 04.82.00 Firmware Mode COBRA 7.54 compatible I've just started to learn about custom firmware and apps for PS3. I wonder...
  11. Z

    Unsolved  low player sessions

    so i recently got back into jailbreak modding on ps3 and i noticed when i go into sessions i get 6-3 people in a session with high levels and is there any way to fix this or is gta 5 ps3 dead now?
  12. C

    Unsolved  how to jailbreak ps3

    Hey everyone I’m new to ps3 jailbreaking so sorry if this has already been answered I have a fat ps3 model number-CECHG02 on OFW-3.55 that I want to jailbreak and need to know what CFW I should use and how to install it Thank you for the help
  13. D

    Unsolved  Installed Destiny mod menu on my ps3 and it kinda messed up my game. Help?

    I installed Destiny mod menu and it kinda f-ed my game, I can't manually save the game, it doesn't save automatically, having trouble joining GTA Online, I deleted all game saves from GTA V and installing it again. Will the issue fix itself or do I have to do something else to fix it?
  14. H

    Unsolved  New to modding, need help understanding

    hi all, I've gotten fed up looking for useless tutorials on this stuff so I figured to finally start posting here. I've just recently jailbroke my PS3 with rebug CEX and I do have multiman installed, I was wondering what the process is to get a mod menu installed? and if there already is a very...
  15. Bloodygamerzmodz

    Unsolved  Error: No Applicable Update Data Was Found (PLSS HELP!!)

    Hey guys, so i purchased a jailbroken ps3 a while back, it worked great, however I was doing something that made the OS go corrupt, so Im trying to reinstall the OS via Safe mode with a flash drive, however when I attempt, it gives me the error in the title. Ive researched this error for the...
  16. P

    Unsolved  Is it safe to return ofw ?

    Hi, I recently jailbroken my ps3 using exploits to CFW 4.82 rebug . How do I go back to OFW ? Is it safe to just update from ps3 internet ? Do a I need to do something expecific ? (Please ,I dont want online services on cfw , i just want to return to OFW )
  17. E

    Unsolved  Help with Rebug 4.65 DEX/DEX

    I have ran into 2 problems recently. 1. My Save Data Utility and my Game Data Utility folders are not appearing on my XMB. I am set up with Rebug 4.65 with Cobra 7.03 Dex/Dex. Is there a way to have these folders display again? I could see my save data when I went to the root using Mmcm but...
  18. User7834

    Unsolved  PS3 not working after failing to install Extras Category

    I installed this Catergory PKG file and during installation, it froze so i turned off my PS3 and now the XMB doesn't load up it freezes. I formatted my SSD multiple times and no fix, tried a different drive and no fix, tried the recovery thing and no fix. Why is my XMB not booting up? My PS3...
  19. User7834

    Unsolved  PS3 Phat Cooling upgrades?

    PS3 Phat Cooling upgrades? Is it possible to upgrade the cooling for the phat PS3 for stable temps. I’m talking Vapour Chambers and Water Cooling mods without ruining the look of the system. I would like something like a Vapour Chamber or a Water Cooler that is all internal. The system looks...
  20. A

    Unsolved  Ps3 REBUG DEX 48.2 Help! Games not loading

    Hi so i upgraded my jailbroken ps3 to latest rebug aswell as Webman and latest CCAPI. Everything was working great for past 4 weeks but now as soon as i try going on my games folder and click on a game it gives me a alert and reboots my ps3 saying "Checking and restoring file system". Why is...
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