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ps3 hacking/modding

  1. O

    Mw2 Modded lobby (message me)

    Hosting a challenge lobby for mw2 on PSN Message me at x-_D0MING0_-x For an invite, be patient and be cool. Giving out anything you want tonight, shoot me a message asap!
  2. D

    Question  bo2 mods ps3 HELP!!!

    Hi guys again I am at the home stretch just need one more thing when I put my zombies eboot in and load up bo2 it don't wanna load my gsc menu but once I change it back to multiplayer everything works fine because it has the red fps at the top but not on zombies eboot? PLZ help
  3. Fallest7

    Question  Ps3 jailbreak signed out of psn error

    So basically i jailbroke 2 ps3s last night we got all the homebrew apps needed to get online including sen enabler. And psninja. I changed the fake cid back and enabled sen access since first time going online. When i go to patch all my ps3 clicks and just turns off. I know its supposed to...
  4. Fallest7

    Question  Ps3 downgrade rogero problem

    So recently just tried to jailbreak my ps3, i went through dumps and have it all backed up to the three folders i have the backup patch file witch was put on the pse with the e3 then i removed the e3 and put the power supply back on. I moved rogero dowgrader file into ps3/update file and put it...
  5. SolaR_OppeD

    Question  Mod Menu's and Other Questions

    Okay, so recently, I've been reading into the whole CEX vs. DEX. But what about Rebug 4.75.1 REX? What is that and what does it do? Can I still get online? What do I need to do to make it as hard as possible for SONY to find and ban me? What would I need to do to GET online? Mod Menu: Do I need...
  6. Dustin kawczymank

    Waw Modded lobby Multiplayer or zombies

    Zombies is Discarded V3 and multiplayer menu is Purple kush V4 Add iSh0tYou132i will be online soon.post legit if ur in!
  7. Meshag420

    Solved  PS3 mod menu help

    Hey everyone, I'm new here but have been looking and can't seem to find a mod menu that works online with other players. Any help would be appreciated in getting me started on the right direction. Also If there is any that I can download on Mac, the pc I have is ****. My PS3 is not jailbroken...
  8. da1marcy1

    Discussion  any jailbroken ps3s out there for sale?

    lookin for a jailbroken ps3 with all the homebrew apps on it
  9. chuychg

    Solved  Question for people who do modded lobbies of GTAV on xbox 360 or ps3?

    I want to know what happen when you people do the money lobbies like do they banned you or what? and if the answer is yes what do you do next? do you ddo a new account and do it again or what? sorry i want to know because i maybe be modded my console xbox or ps3 i havent decided yet but i want...
  10. P

    Discussion  Looking for PS3 jailbreak

    I'm looking into getting a jailbreaked PS3. Should I buy a PS3 from gamestop and jailbreak it myself? Buy a PS3 that is already jailbreaked? I don't want to buy something that is broken.
  11. Shae Walker

    Solved  Advice on how to down grade PS3 to mod ghost and any other COD games

    I've been wanting to downgrade my ps3 system. Yet I don't really know how to do it. I have a lap top but I want to do it correctly to where I don't get banned and yet I can have a good time. My internet is the best out there and im always host. I want to take advantage of that so if you will...
  12. R

    Question  Ps3 Modding questions

    So I'm looking to get into modding on ps3 Picking up a jailbroken ps3 here within the next week. I'm just looking to see some answers I have to a few questions. 1- Can you only mod on games you have downloaded or can you use the disk? 2- When updates come and I have to update where's a good...
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