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  1. E

    Question  Jasper Cpu input protection diode

    I have a jasper that I fried by enabling the cap on a coolrunner rev c. When I turn it on, it runs for a few seconds and then gets 3 red ring with a secondary code 0022. Most people say the only fix is swapping a different cpu onto the board. I have heard people in another thread (Pulled...
  2. PPRX

    Tutorial  [for ISO/XKEY Users] (TUTORIAL) How to Protect Freeze Missile / Ped Missile Freeze

    Hi Se7ensins.com :smile: Today I will show you how to protect freeze missile and Ped freeze missile. This method is not script. It works perfectly. This freeze method that most of recent menus have and if you not protected, console freezes instantly. Since Plugin and Bypass are unnecessary, it...
  3. GrayRat

    Discussion  What is Overwatch DDoS?

    Have you ever been randomly disconnected from a game of Overwatch due to lag or network connection errors? Well, if you have then there's some potentially bad news for you. You might have become a victim of what is called Overwatch DDoS. It might be confusing that how can an individual get...
  4. B

    Solved  GTA menu that can protect

    Hello all, I am using a menu called SimpleMan and includes a good majority of mods for myself and a few for others, however, I keep encountering other modders and their evil ways, deranking people, changing KD, stats and such, I've had my KD change about 5 times in a row and last night someone...
  5. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Protections GTA V(BLJM)

    exported by me on 2.24 update please leave credits xD enum CRockstarEvents { OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT = 0xA03A98, OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT = 0xA04090, ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0xA046B8, SCRIPT_ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0x12BCE60, REQUEST_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BD2CC, GIVE_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BDF2C...
  6. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Modder Protection TU27(including set stats protection)

    This is all protection I found on tu27 :smile: remembering if you're going to post somewhere leave the credits exported by me :smile: #define OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT 0x835DB1F0 #define OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT 0x835DB328 #define ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT 0x835DB290 #define...
  7. James Reborn

    .NET  James reborns Protection Program ( 47 Methods )

    Today I finally Release my Encryption/Decryption Program I have been working on for a few months Update #4 DOWNLOAD Virus Scan It's perfectly safe it has detections cause of all the encryption/decryption methods I used RAR PASSWORD = James reborn 63 Generators - Able to Customize Gen...
  8. Zolika1351

    Tools ScriptHook, AsiLoader, Trainer & ASI Protection Script

  9. N

    Solved  What mod menu prevents off host kicks on gta v

    I want a kick protection menu in gta 5 because modders keep kicking me out if you can give me a name of a menu that will be awsome! :)
  10. Immense

    Game Mods  [RGH/JTAG] Blackscreen Protection, File Bypass & More

    I am posting this on a friends behalf since for some reason it wont let him post it. His profile is Sockstress otherwise known as Freeze as well. He made this, I can personally vouch 100% cause I have used this plugin for over a year and its great. Post and vouch :smile: This is a plugin that...
  11. xStormsnoutx

    Mod Menu  [REL] Freeze & Defend Menu - by xStormsnoutx

    Hello Guys, today is christmas. After thinking along time about doing this i thought i would release my menu today. This menu once started as a Freeze Menu with only a few options and is now a verry extend menu with all of the latest features and exclusive stuff. This is one of the most up to...
  12. eaztbay

    Solved  GTA Online bypass with ban protection help

    i dont know if this is the right area but i need help. i am using a public bypass with no protection, how and where can i get the protection? i just got the 1 month bad even though i was in a solo session for online. yes i maybe a noob i dont care i need help not smarta$$ remarks... any help is...

    Game Mods  [XBOX-PS3] (v8.0) Nathan's Protection & Personal Utilities [12/04/2020]

    IIV NATHAN VII's IV Protection Script v8.0 Last updated: 12/04/2020 What's new in this version (click me) Download Virus Scan SPECIAL THANKS! Sockstress - Reliable blackscreen protection for RGH and Retail PS3/360 Aki_FINx - Fixing ped freezes would be a laggy mess without this guys help...
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