1. Astra_1

    Unsolved  GTA V - Job Copy Cross Platforms "PC>PS4" #2

    I'm trying to intercept JSON / META FILES in ROS but it doesnt work.. I'm thinking that i must find the combatible JSON to match fine.. Any help will really be appreciated guys!!
  2. Innovative's Workshop

    Innovative's Workshop

    🤍 WELCOME TO INNOVATIVE'S WORKSHOP 🤍 Innovative's Workshop is a group dedicated to bringing together creative minds who share a passion for art, video games, modding, and technology. Emphasizing empowerment and collaboration, this group is here to help its members grow into better, more capable...
  3. A

    C/C++  How to Identify Best C++ Programming Book

    Hello Everyone, I am worked on c++ projects and looking for c++ book. Can anyone know how do I identify the best C++ book? I have checked on amazon but there are lots of stuff and I am confused to choose the right one. Can anyone know any great author name?
  4. S

    Unsolved  Xbox one Modding

    So I know this sounds stupid as **** but does anyone know how to code really good but is also trying to figure out how to mod so I can explain an idea I have and if you think we can do it and if it’s possible!
  5. G

    Tutorial  Bringing Back Spartacus Legends

    Hello everyone I am currently in the process of trying to bring back Spartacus Legends. Spartacus Legends was one of my favorite games. I just loved it & so did so many other people. Well the creators decided to close the servers. It never had a offline play option. Even though you could...
  6. Walmart Shooter

    Solved  Which programming language are GTA5 mod menus written in?

    Is it the same language for ps3 and xbox 360 and ps4 mod menus?
  7. J

    Solved  Is anyone able to pm me a couple of Profile Recovery Packet dumps?

    I was asked to write a profile grabber for the PC (So it would be possible to download a profile, and send it to xbox hard drive), But as I don't have an xbox 360 that can connect to live... (For that matter I currently don't have a modded xbox right now either lol) it is a bit difficult to do...
  8. xLeek

    .NET  Mafia 2 SDS Decompressor by Crypt0z

    I didn't know where to post this so I chose here. It basically decompresses mafia 2 sds files for further resource extraction.
  9. 505_

    C# Visual Studio 2015 & 2013 Metro Tut

    Welcome to the VS 15 & 13 metro tut post ---Starter Tut for metro--- ------------- Text Form: 1. First start up Visual Studios 2015 - 2013 -------- Category: Visual 2015 2. Create a C# Form 3. Name the form whatever 4. Go to Project 5. Click add Reference 6. Click Browse 7. Find the folder you...
  10. Sean_J

    Jaccard Distance - Minimum Distance - Similarity Mapping Question

    Hi All, I am crunching data and haven't quite determined the best algorithm for a solution. I have CSV separated data from two sources - column 1 is an identifier(locus tag) column 2 is the data(amino acid sequence). I want to take 20 character long strings as segments and search source 2...
  11. jackorama

    Would you play my game?

    Hello. I am going to be releasing a game on PC. I have been working on this game for about 5-6 months and it is coming together good. About Me: I am only one person doing this and still learning a few things too. This is not my first game but this game is one I have not given up on. About The...
  12. toofaces2

    [Tutorial] Learning about C++ (Beginners)

    Basics of C ++ and compiler Learn C ++ programming is an option that is also still perceived by programming beginners. Often one starts today with Java or C # as the first programming language. But C ++ to learn still makes sense, since some concepts are included, which does not exist in Java...
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