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  1. perkinua soma

    Support  Is there a program that can fool TrueAchievements' detection ? Do you want more info on how they detect it?

    So TrueAchievements can detect some of the achievements you have unlocked using a profile editor. Namely online achievements/achievements that has an online date. I've heard that they can pinpoint it down to the microsecond like .0000 so that's how they assume it's edited. Now more specifically...
  2. BlueSn00w

    Tools  JRunner 17559 With Bug Fixes @ New Features

    JRunner with 17559 support that is modified to assist noobies, and experts with RGHing consoles, and some misc QOL tweeks. Every normal JRunner feature(duh) Custom Program Glitch Chip menu with the most common best timing files Discord RPC Support (Shows what your doing in JRunner as your...
  3. xStormsnoutx

    .NET  Windows Application Remover

    Hello Guys, this is my first program release on here so please be nice with me. Since Windows 8.0 there are many applications for windows and most often they are autoinstalled and the users dont want them. Since they are not easy to uninstall for amateurs I decided to write this little program...
  4. DannyDarthtk

    looking for connection bridging program

    I'm looking for a program or programs that will allow ips to connect to each other. For example: Say im searching for my friends in a game like sea of thieves, I want to connect to them on seperate ships. Anyone know of something out there that will allow this?
  5. E

    Solved  How do I import code onto a WAW savegame?

    Hello, I started modding WAW on my xbox 360 around late 2014. I eventually discovered CFGModdings "WAW Mod Menu Generator" tool and started making my own menus, whey were pretty bad as the features on the site were limited so I eventually learned to manually code my menus and import them onto a...
  6. Bleys1137

    [C#] Car Race

    I made this lil car racing program awhile back hope you like it let me know what you think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wwzigv5hltjya5y/Car Race.rar?dl=0 https://virustotal.com/en/file/db57a1f4f0c75698af4d4c4f21d52aa1dbc7e7acad5d93b19819b627ba158956/analysis/1514618659/
  7. James Reborn

    .NET  James reborns Protection Program ( 47 Methods )

    Today I finally Release my Encryption/Decryption Program I have been working on for a few months Update #4 DOWNLOAD Virus Scan It's perfectly safe it has detections cause of all the encryption/decryption methods I used RAR PASSWORD = James reborn 63 Generators - Able to Customize Gen...
  8. Malcolm McCormick

    Need music downloader

    This older gentleman at my workplace wants me to put music onto his mp3 player. I'm looking for a music downloader program that is safe. I used to use MP3 Rocket, but I don't know if it's safe still or flooded with viruses and whatnot. What program do you guys suggest?
  9. James Reborn

    .NET  James reborns Hybrid Creator v3

    James reborns Hybrid Creator v3.2 Updated 6/6/2018 My Program Simply made to make Hybrid Weapons, Easier, Faster and More Efficiently. This Program is a Helping Guide For Gibbed Save Editor. Virus Scan: Click Here Download Tool: Click Here Info about DLL: HERE If there are any missing...
  10. AllAroundModher

    Solved  Program that let you edit the hard drive?

    Does anyone know if there is a program that will let me open my RGHs storage? like open and edit stuff; just make stuff easier; basically a program that acts as a console. Let me know <3
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