1. perkinua soma

    Support  Is there a program that can fool TrueAchievements' detection ? Do you want more info on how they detect it?

    So TrueAchievements can detect some of the achievements you have unlocked using a profile editor. Namely online achievements/achievements that has an online date. I've heard that they can pinpoint it down to the microsecond like .0000 so that's how they assume it's edited. Now more specifically...
  2. phantom_chief

    Solved  Corrupted profile

    Hi! I have an xbox 360 rgh. Yesterday i noticed that my profile had disappeared and i found it was corrupted. Is it possible to recover it?
  3. ElfyBoy

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 won't create profiles and Aurora won't let me transfer stuff properly

    So, my Xbox won't create profiles or transfer certain stuff onto my UsbMU1 directory. One day, I asked some technicians to add games onto it, and then I got my console with some DLCS, my Minecraft TU, and the Kinect update removed. Few days later, I got the update back, but it's in a fragile...
  4. dewil216

    Unsolved  Unlink xbox live from RGH account?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to unlink xbox live from my account. I have a bunch of games with 0 achievements and want to remove them but apparently I need to sign in to xbox live to do that, I didn't even know this account has some sort of xbox live credentials. If not then maybe...
  5. B

    Discussion  Reset my stats

    Hello guys. I was playing COD 4 and I got hacked. now, I can’t level up the game anymore. can someone reset my status? my gamer tag is: BzK Ronaldao i'm on xbox 360. thank you very much to anyone who can help me
  6. A7Gamer

    Unsolved  Offline Profile with almost all games and achievements unlocked download?

    hi! if u didn't understood i mean i want an profile without add gpd and modding i mean backup... anybody?
  7. Fadexz

    Unsolved  [Request/Help] Looking for someone with an RGH to help collect a lot of GPDs

    Hey, I am trying to collect as many GPDs (game achievement files) as possible. If anyone has an RGH with a large hard drive, can download lots of games and would like to be helpful I may need your help. I know someone that had all this GPDs that was a friend of a friend anyway basically I...
  8. ilikefredy

    Unsolved  USB Formatting / Transfer Problems

    Purchased 20 cheap USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drives from Amazon that I am using to put individual profiles (and their gamesaves) on for all of my friends and family to use for my 10 RGH Xbox LAN Setup I have going. I've managed to get 9 of the 20 drives to work as intended: Plugging in Flash Drive...
  9. Diorthefish

    Solved  Lost Gamertag / Profile

    So I was just about to sign in to my gamertag only to find out that everything is gone. Its like everything reset but when I checked the content folder of my profile, everything was still there. How do I recover this profile? The name and gamertag pic are the same prior to the loss of data. I...
  10. Kajinama

    Discussion  Army of Two - Original: Reclaiming What Was Lost

    With the shutdown of the EA servers, and the unusual reset of my save file, I have lost access to the pre-order weapons. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to edit my profile/save to unlock those weapons again. Also, any other editing of my profile/save that would help me get back the money...
  11. Mr_Mendelli

    Unsolved  Looking for a Halo 2 Vista GPD...

    Hey there, new to Se7enSins so I hope this is the appropriate place to ask for this. I am in the process of modding my profile, and I'm currently adding desired games to it. One of them is Halo 2 Vista. A while back I used exProfileEditor to do this, but it is now a dead program and the servers...
  12. Fadexz

    Tutorial  How to get lots of Followers on Xbox One! (I got 60 Followers doing it once)

    This tutorial will show you how to get lots of followers on xbox one. I found this method myself if you would like to check me out you can here. Keep in mind all of this will be done on your profile. Steps Link: First you will...
  13. J

    Solved  Is anyone able to pm me a couple of Profile Recovery Packet dumps?

    I was asked to write a profile grabber for the PC (So it would be possible to download a profile, and send it to xbox hard drive), But as I don't have an xbox 360 that can connect to live... (For that matter I currently don't have a modded xbox right now either lol) it is a bit difficult to do...
  14. V

    Discussion  Custom Gamerpics - Shell UI Implementation

    Just posting some images for those that are curious what it'll look like:

    Unsolved  Recovering attribute

    I was messing around with Velocity and I saw these attributes at the bottom of the profile editor. I understand what "LIVE Enabled" and "Passcode" mean but what is this "Recovering" attribute? What can it do to an offline account? Is it worth enabling it?
  16. P

    Solved  Fixing Corrupt Profile

    This happened years ago, I went into an Xbox Live zombies match and someone corrupted my profile so it's stuck at prestige 10 level 1. It corrupted my entire profile so that my online progress never saves. Whenever I play online and then go back to the main menu or restart the game, a popup...
  17. S

    Solved  RGH to Retail profile

    Hi, new here; so I read the Please Read This Before Asking for Support/Help but didn't notice an answer to my query: I'm going to get an RGH console soon and would like to use it primarily for playing downloaded games & using trainers on, I have no plans to go online with this console but...
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