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    Solved  Phantom Wedge vanished (!gift dupe glitch)

    Hello everyone, So a friend of a friend had a mod menu and he told us we could spawn any vehicle we want through the ingame chat. He also told us that there is a method with which you can store any of those vehicles and make it your own personal vehicle and I followed through but forgot one...
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    Unsolved  I have a weird Problem.

    So this is a long one, and I don't know if this is the right place I could ask for help. But if anyone has any idea, please let me know. Before hand I use to game on a 144hz monitor and everything worked fine, the game ran smoothly and there were no problems. However, ever since I've purchased...
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    Discussion  (xbox 360) x360rgh dlc xm datbase actual version

    hi i look actual dlc xm datbase for xm anyone help mee
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    Unsolved  Jasper SB RGH 1.2 Very slow boot times

    Hello so yesterday i got a Jasper 16mb nand.I readed the nand and everything went smooth,wrote ecc.Programmed my matrix V1/V3 with the 12_21. So i turned the console on and went and made a sandwich,ate and then after 6-7 minutes the console finally booted xell.Got the cpu key,made...
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    Solved  Can I change my account's region or country somehow at a different location, So I can play Poker?

    Hello friends :) Recently someone told me that I cannot play Poker on RDR2 Online, cause I live in Greece and in my country it is illegal (even with fake money LOL) I am trying like CRAZY to join poker online!! I posted a thread and someone answered me that if I change my country or region I...
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    Hello my friends, I got the update and everything on RDR2 and I cannot see anywhere in my map poker or any tables in saloons giving me the option to play poker in RDR2 online. Does anyone have the same problem? I am level 43, do I need to level up to play? Should I do something to unlock the...
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    Solved  Running into problems with using gibbed.

    So i have BL2 for 360 and One. I don't have all of the Dlc on 360. I'm trying to get Dlc items onto my Xbox one version, but I'm running into a rather unique problem. When the character is loaded on 360 it says there is missing Dlc. When i uploaded the character to the cloud and loaded it on...
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    Solved  Problem with RGH DVD Drive

    Hey Guys, I've been having a problem for quite some time with the DVD drive of my RGHed XBOX 360. It can play music CDs and movie DVDs but shows the XBOX 360 Logo when I try to play game CDs. For the most part I wasn't bummed by it because I don't play games off of discs too often. All the...
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    Solved  I messed up really bad. May have deleted my hack

    Hi. I formated the xbox's hdd (the 4gb one) and now i don't have FreeStyle Dash,don't have File Browser. Console starts up in original xbox home dash....The story. I was a PlayStation fan boy but i got an Xbox 360 slim RGH with kinect about 4 days ago. The console came with Kinect Adventures...
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    Solved  Doomsday Act 2 Glitch Problem

    I do this glitch 5-6 times it works fine then eventually it resets my heist as if i have completed it even tho i always quit at the same time its happened 4 times now and ive had to do my preps/setups again anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it?
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    Solved  4GB Corona RGH Wont Boot Xell

    Already posted more than a week ago but the thread got no traction... Trying to RGH a 4gb corona with an Ace V3, an SD Tool V1.2 and a postfix V2 (I accidentally burnt the damn post_out point so I was told that a postfix is an alternative for that). Got 4 identical nand dumps, wrote ecc...
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    Unsolved  Corona RGH Problems

    So where do I begin... I had a late night desire to dig around my room to find my old modded 360 controller when I found an old xbox 360 (to my amazement, as I had sold mine as trade in for a One). I had wanted to RGH an xbox for some time as it looked pretty manageable and I was really into...
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    Solved  Help with rgh

    i need help with my xbox slim trinity i just dont know where to start and what tools i need to get started if someone could tell me or link a video that would be very helpful ty and bye.
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    Solved  RGH1.2 won't boot after in-game blackscreen freeze

    I've installed an ACE chip with RGH1.2 method on an Falcon (Dash 17511) today. I successfully booted to the hacked Xbox dashboard several times within 15 seconds glitching time to make sure everything works fine. The green blinking pattern on the Ace was 2x short 1x long all the time when...
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    Solved  Why Xell Reloaded stucks at "fat Mount uda0"?

    My Xenon JTAG Xbox for some reason always boots in Xell Reloaded even when I push the Xbox power button. For some reason my Xbox doesn’t boot into regular Xbox dashboard? Do I new to flash my nand? I have no clue if anyone can please help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance
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    Solved  Game dont start after hex edit

    Hey guys, when I hex-edit my BorderlandsPreSequel.exe (Filter tool autohexedit) and then try to open it, I get error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)." Do You have solution for this ?
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    Any ideas on how to get the Chernobog, Rcv and Khanjali to be in their corresponding positions in Facilities and not in the garages? I received these 3 through GC2F
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    Unsolved  How Do I Play Call Of Duty BO2 With A CFW? (Any Help Would Be Appreciated

    Hey Guy's, So I Recently Jailbroke With The New Exploit, This My First Jailbreak So Sorry If I Am Being Stupid But I Tried To Pirate Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, I Successfully Downloaded It With No Problems At All But Here Is My Problem: I Fully Converted From CEX To DEX Although To Be Able to...
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    Solved  Im selling not duped car for less that it's usually should be

    hello support section so through the freeze money glitch i fulled my garages on both characters with vigilanies, opressors, and bamoshkas but here is the problem when i sell a bamboshka or any vehicle on my secound character its normal and it gives me 2.3 mil but if i switch to the first...
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    Solved  ABGX360 you need to enable online functions problem

    Hi guys i have problem with abgx360... as it saya in title it says that it can't access online db but i already have .ini file putted in abgx360 install folder. I remember few years ago when i had this problem i downloaded a zip which was like 10MB but it had thousands of files which i put in...
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