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  1. Sasori


    (PS4) INFINITE WARFARE: CTF BOOSTING REQUIREMENTS: -2 Controllers (Mandatory!) -Mic (More or less mandatory) Post PSN's below and all will be invited when spots are available! All people will be invited when spots are available. If no spots are available, feel free to try and make your own...
  2. R

    Hosting a prestiging lobby

    8 people using the theatre glitch for the fastest prestiging possible! post your gamertag for an invite, we are currently 4
  3. J

    SAB Team Tac Boosting DOUBLE XP WEEKEND

    Looking for players to boost sabotage shipment with. Just need a mic. PSN: BaRCoDeMaJiC or leave PSN name below. Ps: when adding me, please message "boost" so I know to add.
  4. J


    I AM HOSTING A ALL INFECTION LOBBY. THIS INCLUDE 10TH PRESTIGE, CFG, AIM ASSIST UAV, MINI MOD MENU. ADD MY PSN= IFaTaLModify, and say infection lobby, and i will add and invite you.
  5. S

    Hcctf boosting lobby all day

    Hosting lobby all day/night Message and invite will be sent. If there's a cue you will be contacted before player leaves, 2controllers and a mic is all you need Psn samfrancis95
  6. Exotonics

    Video  Entering 1st Prestige (EXO'S K/D & STATS)

    Did Prestige a while ago but here is the video finally! #Sorry4TheWait & Prestige 2 Coming Soon!
  7. Extra Prestige Levels for Black Ops III After Launch is Highly Unlikely

    Extra Prestige Levels for Black Ops III After Launch is Highly Unlikely

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III is currently under development by Treyarch. Unlike the two other studios developing Call of Duty games, they are not planning on adding additional Prestige levels post launch. Responding to a comment on Reddit, Game Designer Director David Vonderhaar made it clear...
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