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  1. SaggyDaKlown

    Boosting & Duping STILL

    I have BL2 and TPS maxed out lvls with a bunch of gear including the fabled Flyin' Maiden that's NOT supposed to drop in TPS. Just leave your GT here or message me. Cheers and good lootin' and shootin'.
  2. Mercenaryx

    Solved  Spare Some Item Code Help For An Unfortunate Situation

    So my ps3 hard drive got wiped and I had a LOT on there. I would gladly trade it all if I could just get back my BL save data... most importantly my pre-sequel data. Alas, there is no way to do that. (Ironically this happened just as I was attempting to do a backup) Anywho, I do have video...
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