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  1. PPRX


    PPRX's Real Time Hud Color Changer for PS3 Today i decide releasing a menu that allows you to edit hud color (health/armour) in game This Stuff has been on my private menu for a while, but I've decided to release it This menu only works on PS3. I don't know if it works on OFW because I haven't...
  2. PPRX


    Today i decided to release black screen protection source code to public. Xbox version was released by sockstress but no one cares about PS3. Includes BLUS and BLES offsets. Enjoy :biggrin: void TN_Stub(int r3, int r4) { __asm("li 3, 0"); } int TN_Hook(int r3, int r4) {...
  3. PPRX

    (UPDATED) Fake Host Script - PS3 / Xbox360

    PPRX's Fake Host Script Works on PS3 OFW/CFW (All Regions) and Xbox360 Retail/RGH/JTAG ● What This ● When you load this script, you become a fake host locally. This will enable Full Black Screen Protection, Resurrect (teleport) people and You can change weather (others can see). ● Known Bugs...
  4. PPRX

    Game Mods  (RELEASE) GTA:IV OSK (On Screen Keyboard) Name Changer

    Hi Guys. I will release on screen keyboard name changer here. this name changer was made more than a year ago. since this osk name changer was created as POC, it contains some bugs... If my memory is correct, it only works with BLUS. When you are in the game, OSK opens with L1 + L3 + SQUARE...
  5. PPRX

    Tutorial  [for ISO/XKEY Users] (TUTORIAL) How to Protect Freeze Missile / Ped Missile Freeze

    Hi Se7ensins.com :smile: Today I will show you how to protect freeze missile and Ped freeze missile. This method is not script. It works perfectly. This freeze method that most of recent menus have and if you not protected, console freezes instantly. Since Plugin and Bypass are unnecessary, it...
  6. PPRX

    Game Mods  (RELEASE) Multiple MD Switcher

    Hi Se7ensins.com :smile: today i decided to release my own MD switcher. this idea given by my old friend. but he retired from modding. i took over project. use this switcher, you can use any MD without changing the file. ● This Files Include ● 1. MAJOR DISTRIBUTION V5.0 2. MAJOR DISTRIBUTION...
  7. PPRX

    (RELEASE) PPRX Modifier - Scripted Name Changer

    Hi Se7ensins :smile:. Today I Release GTA:IV Scripted Name Changer for PS3(OFW/CFW) & XBOX360. This Script Can Spoof Online Name in Non Modded Console. Download Link Includes SCO for PS3 and XBOX360 and Modded Backup for OFW PS3. Open Menu: R1 + X or RB + A CAUTION: Don't Use Preset Star...
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