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    Xbox One Xbox GTA Roleplay

    Hello! I am looking for people who would like to do a police roleplay on Xbox One. This includes being both cops and criminals, must be mature and realistic. Trust me, its really fun! Send me a message on Xbox @ XpertAttacker if you are interested!
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    Unsolved I can't buy it from steam

    hello, I want play LCPD and i can't play it on cracked version and i cant buy the game from steam Because it is not available for purchase, i cant play gta 5 Because of my device's weakness. plz help.
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    LSBC SWAT are actively recruiting LOYAL, EXPERIENCED and ACTIVE gamers. LVLS 120 or higher preferred but not required. You will have to pass ALL tryouts to be accepted. Crew uniforms are the crew leaders choice only. If you're interested then my Xbox gamertag is ImTheBlackNinja
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    Solved Modded Captures

    Does anyone know how to create a modded capture for ps4 ? I'm trying to make a custom one with rare vehicles such as the snow police car.
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    Xbox One Xbox1 RP Clan

    Join now! We are in need of players that are highly experienced and skills at certain tasks. We are also available to help start your roleplaying experience if you are willing to get into this field. Roles: Fire Department EMS Police Civilian Dispacher ATC
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    Xbox One BCSO Xbox rp group is looking for new members

    BCSO rp group is looking for new memebers! We are a realistic Xbox one rp community with a complete cad that receives constant updates and an 18+ run discord server! We have multiple police and civilian divisions to join! If you would like to join the requirements are as follows. You must have...
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    PC New York State Emergency Services Roleplay (NYSESRP) - FiveM Roleplay Community - State Police/Fire

    New York State Emergency Services Roleplay (NYSESRP) is a new community looking for dedicated members. We are based on the modification FiveM, which allows for modded GTA V servers - our server is loaded with custom fleet vehicles, models, and scripts to create the most realistic experience for...
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    Xbox One Ohio State Roleplay Community

    Hello!! My name is Quinn and I am the Dispatch Supervisor in Ohio State RP. We have just recently opened applications for GTA V on Xbox One. Departments we have available are: Los Santos Police Department San Andreas State Police Blaine County Sheriffs Office Communications Civilian We might...
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    PC LLEC: GTA V Police RP (PD,SO,CIV)

    Looking to be a civ, police officer, sheriff's deputy or much more? Come check out and apply to be a part of one of the best communities on PC. Liberty Law Enforcement Community! Check out our promotional video: Come and apply!
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    Discussion Police Cruiser is a Personal Vehicle?

    I couldn't find any info on this so I recorded what happened about an hour ago. No access to police cruisers (none) because they were personal vehicles. This is the first time I saw this, let me know your thoughts.
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    Discussion GTA IV: LLEC - Police Roleplay Community

    Interested in joining & helping protect the citizens of Liberty City? Then head up to the top of our website and under the recruitment tab there will be a GTA IV application. Make sure you fall under all of the requirements to join the community, and then fill out your application and submit it...
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    Xbox One PDLS Police and Life Roleplay (Xbox One)

    For website link to apply please PM me! Recruiting Status: Only looking for a full time dispatcher for the Police Limited spaces for life rp Who are we? PDLSRP is a widely-known Police/Life Roleplay community based on the Xbox One. With over 40 active members...
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    Discussion 100% Spawn Ambulance or Police Heli

    This is a quick and easy way to get an Ambulance or Police Maverick to spawn 100% of the time. Ambulance heli is pretty rare and fun to fly around with. 1. Come to this location as spawn rate is 100%. 2. Get 3 stars on yourself. 3. Climb these walls to get to top of building. 4...
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