1. V

    Solved  How can I Bypass new anti cheat?

    Is there any way to bypass the new modern warfare cheat engine so you won’t get banned
  2. Mrhosa15

    Discovery  Heatwave classes free

    Is there anybody out here willing to dupe his heatwave classes for free onto my account 1590752713 I would really appreciate it
  3. P

    Gamesaves  Lego dimensions and zoo tycoon game save need, please

    Please help for my son. Need . Thank you
  4. B

    Solved  Stressing TF Out!

    HELP! i have to have virtual box downloaded for school work and i keep getting this error message and i have NO idea how to fix it and get it running. So i thought that i would give this a try and see if someone would be able to help a girl out. please and thank you!! Document is empty...
  5. S

    Solved  Cant open any tools?

    ok so basically i had to factory reset my laptop and it is now on Windows 7 Home premium. Since i restarted it, ive downloaded a few free tools off of youtube (r34s tool etc) tools that should work normally... even a paid bo2 tool that used to work just fine wont open now. ive checked the...
  6. T

    Solved  R34s free BO2 tool help

    I need help, the Real-time editing option in the Gamertag/clan tag changer doesn't work and I have it selected. I did have a "just in time" error but I fixed it in visual studio 2017, all the other tools work. The only time it will change my name is after I start the game then once it ends it...
  7. IGQB

    Unsolved  I'm looking for a tool

    Hello if anyone knows of this tool. Please leave a link to it. It allows you to get double ACR 6.8 Double MSR Double P90 and no recoil ACR 6.8. I know a guy on IG That has it but he won't tell me so if anyone knows please leave a link Or Pm me. Please and Thanks
  8. LxrdRaven

    Solved  Is anyone able to help me out? [code question]

    So I have been searching and testing a bunch of different things out in my patch, and I'm trying to figure out a way to spawn a usable care package that won't be picked up quickly. so far this is my code for the Spawn Care Package. This currently just drops a usable Care Package, but to myself...
  9. ElectroModz

    Solved  Kv Not banned but saying it is... HELP

    Hello when i try to play my rgh (i am on echo server) and it was working a min ago and now it says i am banned on the rgh and on the KV Validator it says unbanned. please help
  10. RaReMoDzYT

    Solved  NiNJA is Not working for me

    I'm having a issue connecting to NINJA I get stuck on boot logo all the time but when I try any other server it works fine! Can anyone help me please?
  11. E

    Solved  RGH can't connect to internet.. HELP!

    My rgh xbox 360 can't, o won't connect to internet. I don't know why. I have liveblock disabled in Dashlaunch and i have a stealth server. I just got the xbox and i'm new to the modding stuff. So i have no clue what i should do. When i'm trying to connect to internet it shows suggestion to me...
  12. phoenixkingv3


    Can someone please help me, I just download PvZGW and now trying to play online but whenever i click it, it says failed to connect to ea servers, I have rgh i have a stealth server and my plugnis look is arranged like this xbdm Stealth Server Can someone please help..... I have installed the...
  13. E

    Solved  Tuto Facile Race remake

    Has anyone managed to recreate Tuto Facile's race or copy and repost it?? I made 15 mill and was hype and I'm trying to earn some more again but accidentally turned my Xbox off after the race was deleted:(
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