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  2. H8edMods


    •—•—•—(NOT SURE ABOUT PC VERSION)—•—•—• So with this glitch you can bring almost anything into SUMO. This will get quite a bit of people probably upset but like all glitches this could be seen and used to further another glitch. I took this glitch and took it one step further that I've never...
  3. B

    Unsolved  Glitching deluxo

    Hi there does anyone know how to duplicate the deluxo on gta 5 online if you do msg me on discord - Bardz2Trappy
  4. Maxximo88

    Unsolved  PSP - What's the larger MicroSD supported by Playstation Portable?

    Hi everyone, I have a PSP-3004 with Infinity 6.61 permanent CFW. I use my PSP with MicroSD 16Gb and a Memory Stick Duo adapter. What is the lerger MicroSD supported by Sony PlayStation Portable? Thank you in advance.
  5. Dannyvld

    [DUTCH ONLY] Looking for new players for shooters

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, We are looking for nice fun people to play mainly shooters with. These include games such as Battlefield 2042, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, Call of Duty Vanguard & Halo Infinite. If interested, send a message on Xbox to Dannyvld or on PSN to...
  6. Lucky

    Discussion  Skate 4 - Overview, complaints, reviews, thoughts.

    I did a quick searchiesearch and couldn't find a thread on Skate 4??!??? Regardless, it's been over a year since EA announced Skate 4 to be confirmed. I was hopeful that by now we'd have some news on the game release, but still stuck waiting twiddling my thumbs... I guess that is the EA way...
  7. lKungFu

    Unsolved  Playstation 3 Rebug 4.84 PSN down

    Playstation3 Rebug Dex/Cex 4.8.4 NEWCOMER Meine Playstation 3 Daten: Firmware: Rebug-Rex 4.84 Model-Art: Slim Mein Problem ist das ich mich nicht in PSN anmelden kann.. Ich habe alles Probiert Sen enabler.. PSN patch. Es hat einmal geklappt und seit dem niewieder. Liegt es daran...
  8. H8edMods

    Patched  How to make magic spot (easy way)

    Start with a motorcycle in moc. All apartment garages need to be full. All bike racks need to be full. Make sure garage six is not a penthouse. pull any car out blow it up (you will not lose) pull bmx bike out from garage six spot three (can possibly use a bike from 4-8 and not from a...
  9. J

    Discussion  Does anybody else do sbc accounts?

    Hi all, I have been creating sbcs account now for over a year with success and with failure. However I believe I have no found a way to do it successfully and without being banned. I’m curious to know if anybody else is doing it on a daily basis? I record all of the account I have made and how...
  10. Navy Davey

    Discussion  When Ridiculous becomes absurd! A PS5 buyer’s lament. ?

    Many of us who haven’t pre-ordered PS4 or jumped on the Bot bandwagon have been left in the dust when it comes to purchasing a PS5. I have been so close to getting one only to be thwarted at the last millisecond when placing my online order. It has now gotten to the point where the prices have...
  11. Misterforeal

    MW  Join my Regiment (Gold Clan Tag)

    Hey guys, im looking for people to join my regiment! Accepting Users of All Platforms! Add my Activision: Misterforeal#5173141 I'm inviting everyone! Must be respectful to other members!
  12. Shenmue182

    Discovery  Stand on sea floor / teleport to bottom of sea

    I found this pointless discovery and thought i[d share. You need to create floating debris, and it can't be a boat. Requirements: Rune Zhaba, drone. 1. Get your Zhaba, throw 5 sticky bombs on it. Drive the rune Zhaba out to sea. 2. Exit vehicle swim away from it and blow if up 3. The destroyed...
  13. Big Red Dead 2 Online Update Adding Bootlegging Business

    Big Red Dead 2 Online Update Adding Bootlegging Business

    Rockstar has detailed the next big update for Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, and it's coming soon. The update arrives on December 13 and introduces a slew of new content to the online game, headlined by a new Frontier Pursuit, the Moonshiner. The Moonshiner is a...
  14. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One Update Now Available

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One Update Now Available

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has released its first season of live content on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with its first Battle Pass, as well as patch notes that cover all the changes that came along with the new content. A Battle Pass trailer also shows off some of the loot you can earn by purchasing...
  15. PlayStation 5 Controller Patents Show Off Next Gen Design Changes

    PlayStation 5 Controller Patents Show Off Next Gen Design Changes

    The PlayStation 5 is coming, with the next-generation Sony console currently being planned for a Holiday 2020 release. This means that the system is still at least a year away, but we're starting to get some idea of what the console will be like. Now a new patent for the PlayStation 5 controller...
  16. New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Maps, Mode Arrives This Friday

    New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Maps, Mode Arrives This Friday

    Publisher Activision announced some new post-launch content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including new maps and the return of a popular game mode. Activision tweeted the news, stating that all Modern Warfare players will be able to enjoy this Friday's content for free. The game's Ground...
  17. BoostingKarma

    24/7 Release weekend fastest BOOSTING lobby

    Hello everyone. As of every single year the new CoD gets released im looking for a good boosting roster again. Me and my friend are hosting lobbies and both of us each have 2 Playstations which means we only need 2 more people to boost with ( given that its a 6v6 lobby that allows splitscreen...
  18. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Has No Loot Boxes

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Has No Loot Boxes

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's release on October 25 is coming up soon, and now one of the developers has clarified the game's stance on loot boxes. In short, there are none. Infinity Ward's Joel Emslie said on Reddit that the studio is "definitely not working on any kind of supply drop or loot...
  19. JordDev

    Mod Menu  [GSC] COD®: World at War - 3D9A - Official Thread

    Drop your mod suggestions down below, would be much appreciated, it's been a minute, struggling for ideas. (Thread will be continually updated until release, this is just some very early development footage, this is also the last mod I'll be developing for this game.) Menu Base Prototype: Menu...
  20. NBA 2K20 Dev Working "Around The Clock" To Fix The Game's Bugs

    NBA 2K20 Dev Working "Around The Clock" To Fix The Game's Bugs

    NBA 2K20 launched last week, and the release wasn't entirely smooth. Players immediately reported a number of issues, and a Twitter hashtag #fix2k20 even kicked off and caught steam, with players listing off the issues they experienced with the professional basketball game. Now, the developers...
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