1. S

    Unsolved  extortion mod menu help

    i need some help if anyone has the time ok so im new to jailbroken ps3 i havent a clue how to use it i bought a mods menu from extortiondev ive worked out is my firmware is as fellows mmCM version 04.85.01 cobra 8.20 compatible rebug multi version 02.03.04 firmware 4.85 lv2 kernel cex target...
  2. Risking Perfect

    Discussion  Has anyone else used one of these kits on their PS4 controller?

    I have had one for about a year and a half and I am absolutely loving in. My question is, has anyone else used one and what do you think about it? (Images thanks to the Extreme Rate website)
  3. T

    Nuke calling card boost - 1-6 people max

    Post gamertag or activision id.
  4. Scuf Lobbies

    Patched  Full-Auto Kar98 Tut

    Since nobody is wanting to share and I figured it out, here ya go. Full-Auto Kar98: Perform the weapon attachment glitch as follows -Set your playlist to the core playlist -Go custom class slot one (or whichever one you want, just make sure its the same slot for core and CDL, put on the...
  5. hebesupport

    Discussion  PS Classic hack?

    Can I talk about playstation classic here? I know it can only play 20 games, how I can add more roms?
  6. Play Rainbow Six Siege Free This Weekend

    Play Rainbow Six Siege Free This Weekend

    Here's some good news for everyone who hasn't purchased Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: the game is free to play this weekend on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. From May 17 - 20, you can access the entire game, complete with all the maps, modes, and operators released so far. You can find the specific...
  7. PS4 Flash Sale Now Live On PSN In The US

    PS4 Flash Sale Now Live On PSN In The US

    This week's selection of PSN deals may have seemed rather slim, but those aren't the only discounts you can find in the PlayStation Store right now. Sony has now kicked off another limited-time flash sale for PS4, PS3, and Vita, giving you a chance to pick up some great games on each platform...
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